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No matter if you reflect on what you really want. Or about possible abundance blocks. Or how you can get rid of these blocks. Journaling is definitely one of the first tools I would recommend to you as a manifestation coach.

But reflection journaling is not the only powerful exercise you can use in your manifestation routine…

There is one technique that can skyrocket your manifestation process. It’s called future scripting.

It’s a great way to convince your SUBCONSCIOUS mind that your new story is already a REALITY – and since your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between reality and imagination, it will accept this as YOUR new reality.

And this is why manifestation scripting & journaling is one of my go-to Manifestation Tools (And it should be yours too!)

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Women who use journal prompts created by a professional coach are 99% more successful with their journaling routine because they work exactly where the manifestation magic happens: directly on a subconscious level.

But it’s not always easy to get started (and keep up) with a daily journaling routine.

Don’t worry. I have your back!

As a bestselling manifestation book author and transformational NLP coach (with over ten years of experience), I know exactly what it takes to reprogram your subconscious mind.

That’s why I created an entire library of journal prompts, for you, to stop journaling-writers-block for good.

They are designed to reflect and get your transformation started. And I know you’re going to love them!

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This video mini-workshop is your quick start guide, teaching you my top journaling & scripting techniques and showing you when in the manifestation process to use them.

(Value: $47)


And say good-bye to writers’ block with the transformational journal prompts helping you attract:

  • love
  • money
  • career success
  • your dream business
  • more self-love
  • gratitude…

The journal prompts come in editable PDFs, or you can just print them out. Plus, as a gift, you’ll get my personal manifestation tracking journal & scripting template.

(Value: $111)

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If you purchase today, you’ll also get our community-only emails with additional tips around manifesting your dreams. Plus seven days of access to me, as your manifestation coach, whenever you need some support. (VALUE $97)

Imagine Being Able To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind As Soon As You Get Your Journal & Pen Out…

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Hey Gorgeous!

I’m Mia Fox, and I journal every single morning! So no wonder it’s one of the manifestation tools I suggest to all the women I work with… 

And as the founder of one of the largest manifestation communities, I know exactly what it takes to create the perfect manifestation routine.

One that works exactly where the manifestation magic happens! (On your subconscious mind.)

And today, I’m excited to share my entire journal prompts library with you in this toolkit…

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These happy customers transformed their manifestation routine by using the PRO journal toolkit.
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“I started with the Journaling-Mini-Workshop and I must confess that I am absolutely thrilled. The journal prompts are incredibly well structured and they help you to recognise and write down your own strengths and visions. These morning journaling routines are now an integral part of my life and I don’t want to miss them.”
“This manifestation journaling toolkit is an effective, practical, hands-on guide that is filled with great advice on how to make a positive shift in multiple areas in life. Mia demystifies the law of attraction through these practical journaling exercises. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is ready to make a positive change in their lives.”

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This Manifestation Journaling Toolkit is the perfect start to your journaling & scripting routine… (Total Value of Over $255)

Journaling Mini-Workshop This Video Workshop is Your Quick Start Guide, Teaching You My Top Journaling & Scripting Techniques, And showing You When in the Manifestation Process to Use Them. (Value $47)

111 Transformational Journal Prompts Say Good-Bye to Writers Block With the Transformational Journal Prompts Helping You Attract: Love, Money, Career Success, Your Dream Business, More Self-Love & Gratitude… The Journal Prompts Come in Editable PDFs, or You Can Just Print Them Out. (Value $111) Plus, As a Gift, You’ll Get My Personal Manifestation Tracking Journal & Scripting Template.

Bonus: Vip Love Letters Our Community-Only Emails With Additional Tips Around Manifestation Sent Directly Into Your Inbox (Value Priceless)

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Listen Gorgeous, I want to be honest with you. No one can give you a guarantee for a coaching product like this, as ONLY you have control over how much work you will put into this.

What I can tell you is that this system is guaranteed to work when you put in the time and take action. And then I guarantee you, your life will change the way you never thought possible… (I know that because this transformed my life, and it transformed the lives of thousands of women I worked with over the last decade.)

But if you really struggle to get things to work, you have the guarantee that I’m there for you. 

This is not “just another” toolkit, taking on dust somewhere on your computer drive… You’ll get the support and coaching you need along the way. That’s what our “let’s make this work together” Guarantee stands for!

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Helping women is my passion, which is why I have your back on this journey. 100% guaranteed! The “let’s make this work together” guarantee is designed to get you unstuck whenever you need it. And in all the years I’ve worked with thousands of happy customers around the world, I’ve not once experienced a time when we didn’t find a way to make my self-coaching system work.


Besides a daily transformation…

A Step-By-Step Guide to Get Started With Manifestation Journaling
Because manifestation works subconsciously, also your tools need to do that… And that’s where journaling and scripting are so powerful.

Your subconscious loves the written word…

  • Learn how you can use journaling in your manifestation routine.
  • Understand what journaling techniques work and which don’t.
  • Get the scripting technique I used to manifest so many of my big dreams.
  • Transform your life every time you take the pen and paper out.
  • Say bye-bye to writers’ block, with 111+ journal prompts to choose from.

Total Value: $255

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