Can You Make It Happen? How to Manifest Your Old Job Back

Have you lost your job and are hoping to get it back? Or perhaps you’ve left a job you loved and now regret your decision. The idea of manifesting your old job back may sound appealing, but is it really possible? And even more important, is it even the right thing to do?

In this blog post about manifesting a job, I love to share more insights on this specific part of the job manifestation and give you an answer to your question: can I manifest my old job back?

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  • Can you manifest your old job back? Yes, you can, but it’s important to not block abundance by insisting on getting exactly your old job back. Embrace the possibility that there is a job for you that is even better than your old one.

  • It’s important that you reflect on your old job before you manifest it back; what did you love the most about it, what did you not like, and most important, what are the true reasons that you lost the job?

How Does Manifesting a Job Work

Manifestation means making your thoughts, beliefs, and desires a reality. It’s based on the law of attraction, which means what you send out, you attract back.

But there is much more to the job manifestation process than just “order a job from the universe” and believing that you’ll get it.

It’s about getting crystal clear on your dream job (in this case, your old job), overcoming your blocks, and taking inspired action in the end.

For the complete process, I suggest you read my post on how to manifest a job, but here in this post, I’ll give you some extra tips to manifest your old job back after losing it.

Reflect on Your Old Job & Get Clear On What You Want

When you manifest, it’s important that you leave room for new opportunities. Don’t limit the universe by insisting that you want exactly your old job back.

Maybe there is a good reason you don’t have that job anymore, and this reflection exercise will show you what it is.

Imagine that you could have the perfect job. It includes EVERYTHING you liked about your old job, but NOTHING that you didn’t enjoy.

How important would it be for you that it is precisely your old job that you manifest back?

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Use Visualization to Attract Your Old Job back

Once you have a clear picture of what you want and don’t want, focus on the positives daily.

Visualize yourself back at your old job, doing the work you loved and enjoying the same level of success you had before. See yourself happy, fulfilled, and content.

The more you focus on these positive thoughts and visualizations, the more you’ll attract them into your life.

But don’t forget that you should not limit abundance by insisting on your old job. The best way to be open to receiving the perfect job, instead of your old job, will take care of this.

How do you do that? Well, just make sure that you concentrate on the emotions.

When I manifest, I always think about how I want to feel when I reach my goal. This will put you into the perfect emotional state immediately without getting hung up on the details too much.

Want an easy way to concentrate on the positive & attract more abundance?

Then click here and grab my top Guided Meditation session for free. This manifestation meditation is the perfect method to manifest your old job back.

Believe in Yourself & That You Are Perfect For the Job

Belief is key to the manifestation process. You need to believe that you can manifest your old job back.

Now I get it that this is harder if you actually lost your job. You might think that it’s impossible to manifest yourself back into your old career because there is a good reason that you lost it.

But no matter the reasons, it’s always a matter of how you look at the situation. It will be as negative or positive as you make it out in your mind.

Were you laid off because your performance was not good enough? Then maybe you simply lack certain knowledge or skills that you can develop.

Were you made redundant because the company was in a bad financial situation and jobs were cut? No problem, the company can quickly recover, or maybe you will find the exact same job at a company that suits you even better.

Have you perhaps even resigned yourself because you had a new offer but later realized that this step was the wrong one? Talk to your old boss; maybe he will gladly take you back.

You don’t know if you don’t ask…

Manifesting is not about coming in with the perfect conditions and without any obstacles, such as abundance blocks. It’s much more about reflecting and then taking the right action steps.

Which brings me to the last point of this post: taking action.

Take Inspired Action to Manifest Your Old Job Back

Here on my manifestation blog, SelfMadeLadies, I teach action-based manifestation (if you want to learn more about it, sign up for my free 5-day manifestation email course).

Manifestation, in fact, means “making it happen” – this shows how important the action part really is. It’s YOU that makes your dream happen.

It’s on you to manifest your old job back!

But don’t worry. Taking action is not hard when you do everything we talked about beforehand. It’s all about reprogramming your subconscious mind (with the reflection work, overcoming blocks, or using manifestation methods such as guided meditations…) – after that, taking action is easy.

Here are a few ideas on inspired actions when you want to manifest your old job back:

  • Redo your resume, and add all the new skills you acquired since you lost your old job.
  • Reach out to your old employer and express your interest in returning. 
  • Check where else you could find a similar position or company to work with. Remember to stay open for abundance.
  • Use manifestation methods that can speed up your job manifestation, like gratitude.

Don’t overthink actions; it’s better to take any action than the perfect action. When you manifest, you still have this ONE secret weapon, your subconscious mind.

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