How to Manifest Money, Even When You Are Broke

Your bank account is empty, your credit card is overdrawn, and to make things even worse, a big bill that you didn’t expect at all lands in your mailbox. Manifesting money could be your rescue, but is this even possible when you start from such a desperate situation?

Let’s find out and get my top tips on how to change your money mindset from broke to financial abundance in just 3 steps:

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As I already mentioned in my post about manifesting money to get out of debt, it is difficult to manifest from a state of lack.

And let’s face it, when you are broke, that’s just what it feels like…

So the big question is, how can you manifest money, even when your current situation is far from financial abundance?

Manifesting money when you are broke is not different from manifesting anything else; it all comes back to the energy you feel and how you program your subconscious mind. You can consciously choose how abundant you want to feel.

When you urgently need money, you are desperate, but if you are desperate and concentrate on the feeling of lack, such as in: “I don’t have enough,” you will block the flow of money and the feeling of more abundance.

And that makes it really hard to manifest money.

This is like a vicious cycle from which you can hardly break out again:

  1. You have no money, so you desperately need money.
  2. You want to manifest money, but your energy is set on “lack of money” and desperation.
  3. You’re blocking the flow of money, so you still need money. You are still desperate.

But don’t worry; this just means that you start with the wrong emotional frequency. Something we can easily fix.

The problem is, as long as you’re in this “poor money mindset” state, all the money manifestation tips in the world won’t help. 

What you need first is a mindset switch. And that is not always so easy.

As someone who grew up with a very negative money mindset, I know that too well. I didn’t lack anything as a child, but still, my parents had a very limited money mindset.

I’ve heard things like “you have to work hard for money” and “you learn to save from the wealthy” more than once. And that’s how my parents lived their whole lives. 

They never really had much, but they worked very hard. Always.

When I moved out of my parent’s place at the age of 18, I tried everything I could to get more money. With hard work, of course.

But I failed.

The whole thing brought me back into that vicious cycle and a spiral of self-doubt and self-hate. And my situation became even more difficult.

I ended up homeless, without a job, without money, and totally hopeless. This repeated over and over again in my life until I started to move my subconscious mind in another direction.

Here’s what I did to break free from that poor mindset that kept me broke, to live a life full of abundance, making 7 figures.

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Step One – (Re)Learn To Think Rich

Like attracts like! Means, what we concentrate on we attract.

But how can you attract money and a feeling of abundance when all you think about is how to pay the rent or put food on the table?

Your situation may not even be that bad; maybe you have enough money to pay rent and eat, but every time you have to pay something, you feel negative about it. And that’s what ultimately is holding you back.

You have to understand that there are no rich or poor people, only rich and poor thinkers. It’s all in your head. How you perceive things is a conscious decision you can make.

Concentrate on the things that make you feel rich, which gives you a feeling of abundance. And you will be surprised because there are things you would not have expected.

We often believe that only the things that cost a lot of money can give us this feeling. But it doesn’t matter if you live in a 20 million mansion or in a cute little cottage, if you make yourself comfortable, and feel happy in it, you will feel rich.

Actionable Tip: Practicing self-care is a great way to feel richer. Rich people do look after themselves (well, at least most of the time.) Use this to your advantage.

You don’t have to go to an expensive SPA or spend lots of money on beauty stuff. Just take a bath, use a face mask… Most likely, you have everything you need for this in your kitchen; my favorite one is honey.

Then relax on your bed while listening to some guided affirmations (try these money manifestation affirmations I created for you.) This will put you instantly into a ‘rich state’ – at least mentally.

And that’s the first step successfully achieved.

A woman shopping some beauty products for a self-care day at home

Step Two – Start To Act Rich

Act as if’ is the most powerful subconscious trigger and key for manifestation to work. Program your subconscious mind to a new reality, and it will take you exactly there.

“Act as if, however, is so often misinterpreted.

It’s not about you going out with your credit card and emptying expensive fashion boutiques or borrowing a Lamborghini for the weekend. These things would almost certainly backfire a few weeks later if you open the credit card bill and have no idea how to pay it.

It’s about thinking about what really gives you the feeling of abundance and wealth and then thinking about what your life would look like if you were rich.

And then you start to implement the things you already can:

  • Looking better after yourself (as I mentioned above, self-care doesn’t necessarily cost money.)
  • Thinking differently.
  • Speaking differently.
  • Hanging out with different people.
  • Read a book instead of watching another cat video on social media…

You see, there are endless things you can change right now.

“Act as if” doesn’t mean you have to fake anything.

That can work quite well, but only when your subconscious mind is really running on that new “I’m rich” program. Until then, it’s better to keep your hands off the whole “fake it until you make it” thing.

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Step Three – Take Action Toward Your Money Goals

Without the right action, nothing will change!

Sure, to think differently, to reprogram your subconscious mind, and also to behave differently are basically also ‘action steps.’

But manifesting doesn’t stop there, and you want to manifest a lot of money if you want to break free of your current ‘broke state’ – this takes work.

Here at SelfMadeLadies, my lovely manifestation community,  I help women turn their dreams into goals and crush them. And action takers are the ones with the most success.

Maybe sometimes I sound like a broken record, but I have to repeat it again and again: your belief is just not enough.

It’s called the Law of AttrACTION and not the Law of Belief. 

No matter in which area you use the Law of Attraction, also when manifesting money, without taking the next step, nothing will happen.

Money won’t fall from the sky; we’re not in the Netflix series “La Casa de Papel.”

I see manifesting as a goal-setting and goal-achieving process, and if you want to get more money into your life, you have to do something about it.

As long as your money mindset is set to poor, you will be blocked, and your action steps, if you do anything at all, will rarely be successful. So make sure you have successfully completed steps 1 and 2 first.

All you need then is a clear plan of how you can get more money.

You can look for a better-paid job or ask your boss for a salary increase. Or you can create a new product for your business, set up a new sales funnel, or find out how you can generate more leads.

But do the mindset work first, and then the actions will come effortlessly.

woman in front of a private jet, travelling first class, with the money she manifested

You Want More Help Manifesting Money & Abundance?

I know, in theory, everything sounds a lot easier than in reality. It took me years to get my broken money mindset to where it is today and finally feel rich.

But that changed my life!

Today, I live a completely different life than I did ten years ago. I live in my dream apartment, travel a lot (always first class), and can spend money spontaneously, even on expensive stuff.

I have several passive income streams that allow me to live my life the way I want.

The best thing is that the whole situation allowed me to build up a business where I can live my passion. My passion for helping other women, just like you.

And that’s what I’m here for.

My book “Become the CEO of your Dream Life” is a practical manifesting playbook. (Not just some ‘nice inspiration.’)

So, if you are really serious and want to achieve a significant mindset change from your old, poor thinking to new, rich, and abundant thinking, I strongly recommend you to read it (just grab your copy here.)

And if you want to get even more hands-on advice, and find out how my action-based manifestation method is key for your money success, join us inside this free training.

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