How to Manifest Your Goals (The Complete Goal Achieving Guide)

By Mia Fox
By Mia Fox

Bestselling Manifestation Book Author of 'Become the CEO of Your Dream Life'

Knowing how to manifest big goals is the next step after you’ve found out what you want in life. Without a roadmap to your destination, you may have trouble getting there. Learn in this goal-achieving guide how you can manifest your big goals faster.

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It really all starts with setting the right kind of goals. But once we have written down our most profound dreams and desires, we need to understand how we go about achieving them. So how do you manifest your big goals?

To manifest your biggest goal, you need to understand that half the job of goal-achievement is done by setting the right kind of goals. When you look at one of your breakthrough goals from a distant vantage point, it can be difficult to imagine what the actionable steps would be to get to your destination.

These big goals are great for your motivation, but you will also need smaller goals that break down your action steps. The steps you need to take in order to manifest your goals.

Because manifestation is not a magical trick, it is also not a passive process, that just happens, it is an active process, and in this guide, I will show you how to take control.

It All Starts With Setting the Right Goals

Mapping out your goals into smaller steps, such as results and process goals, is of the utmost importance.

That helps you understand what you need to do yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily to make your dreams come true. It will chop up the significant goal into smaller chunks, which are easier to digest.

There are a few main points that are helpful to keep in mind when you are beginning to map out your goals.

First, you want to know exactly where you are headed and when you want to get there. Next, you need to have an idea of what you are going to be able to accomplish in this timeline.

It is essential that you split your goals into different layers; you want to set a goal big enough that you are inspired and motivated, and also small enough, that you can imagine achieving it.

Finally, you are going to make this lofty goal and break it down into the steps you need to take consistently to reach your destination.

It is crucial to get very specific with your goals. Let’s take a more in-depth look into the steps you’re going to consider when creating a map of your most significant achievements.

Know Exactly Where You’re Going

 If you don’t get the first point right, then you may find yourself meandering through life without an exact destination.

You need to know how to write down goals and dreams. It is vitally important that when you set a goal, you are very specific and that you set a timeline.

The more detail you imagine and include in your goal, the more your mind will feel the emotions you are wanting to feel by chasing this goal.

That is a process of training your brain to expect your positive outcome and start to crave it and push you towards it.

That’s when you start to reprogram your subconscious mind to achieve the outcome you wish for.

The best is to write down your goals on a piece of paper. But why is a written goal more powerful?

Because, when you write it out, it goes from your mind into the physical reality, where you want it to achieve.

Also, our brain remembers things better when it has actively engaged in documenting it. You can keep this goal in a place where you can review it daily.

On the other hand, having a deadline puts pressure on your mind and causes you to get to work. Without this pressure of having to get something done by a specific date, you will not be as motivated to work every day towards your goal.

A goal is a dream with a deadline, as Napoleon Hill liked to say. The deadline activates the universal law of action.


Set Huge Goals and Realistic Goals

There is an exciting line between realistic and motivating goals. You need to set a significant enough goal that gets you excited enough actually to want to move towards it.

Small goals don’t usher the soul towards sufficient growth and make it seem like the work isn’t worth it.

So you need to set HUGE goals that motivate you. You also need these goals to be realistic enough for your belief system to latch.

If the goal is far beyond your current level of belief, you will subconsciously sabotage yourself because you would be working outside of your present self’s level of possibility.

Being in a state of disbelief will make it more challenging to manifest big goals.

The trick is to set your goals on different levels, and that’s exactly what I teach you in my bestselling manifestation book.

I show you the three types of goals you need and how to set all of them. With this system, you will be able to reach HUGE massive goals without the overwhelm.

Having big goals, that are also realistic, could be something like having a million dollars in the bank within five years.

That is realistic and believable because, in five years, the amount YOU can grow and change is quite surprising if you put your mind to it.

An unrealistic version of this same goal may be to have a million dollars in the bank by tomorrow morning. That is an extreme example, but you get the point, right?

When you set realistic goals that your belief system can work with, then you will be able to go onto the next step of starting to map it out for yourself.

Creating a Map for Your Goals

Your map, just like a real roadmap, will begin with your two points. You will be looking at where you are right now, compared to where you want to go.

If your goal were to have 1 million dollars in the bank within five years of today, you would write this out on a piece of paper. That is your destination.

Then you would begin to break it down into the necessary things you will need to do to see this come to fruition. That could mean breaking it down into five different years of milestones you need to hit.

For example, in the first year, you may need to learn some new skills that make your value in the workforce higher, or you would need to start a side hustle, maybe invest some money?

In the second year, you could begin looking for a higher paying opportunity that could further your experience and income.

Or, you could scale your side hustle to a real business. Maybe re-invest some of the money you already earned with it.

In the third year, you could begin networking with people who are already making the amount of money you have as your 5-year goal and learn how to invest your money better.

In the fourth year, you may level up your vocation again for an even higher paying salary, or you build a larger team for your business.

Then in the fifth year, you could either sell your business or use the skills you’ve mastered over the previous four years to build something even bigger and massively profitable.

That is just an example, and the process can be applied to manifest big goals of any kind, whether it is with relationships, money, spirituality, life experience, or anything else you desire.


Break Your Goals Down in Action Steps

Once you have your overall map of where you are and where you want to go, it is time to get to the nitty-gritty.

You are going to need to take your milestones and break them down into monthly, weekly, and daily processes goals.

These are the steps that are going to get you closer to your goals.

You want to take your overall map and reverse-engineer it into the smaller chunks just like you did with your big breakthrough goal.

For example, let’s say you want to start a side hustle, let’s say a blog, that’s how I got started with – Now your first goal would be to get started, then these milestones could be broken down to the following smaller goals (your action steps):


  • Get the blog up and running by the end of the first month.


  • Have 50 blog posts ready and published by the end of the third month.


  • Start to pin three times a day to Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog.


  • Create & launch a digital product (like my goal-setting workbook and goal planner).


You see now, these smaller milestones and goals can be broken down even further, e.g., “create & launch a digital product could mean that you need to implement the following action steps:


  1. Outline the content for the digital product.


  2. Create the design, for example, in Canva.


  3. Design a sales page and funnel for the product.


  4. Write great copy for the sales page, and email follow up sequence.

    And so on…


Oh, and btw. in case you are a personal development blogger yourself, or you do have an online audience, and they are interested in personal growth, goal-setting, and manifesting, you can contact me to join my affiliate program before you even invest time in creating your own product.

But What if You Don’t Have a Clear Plan

Not everyone will have such a clear plan in the beginning. For me and my business, that was easy.

I started my first online business at 16, and in the years after, I worked in marketing and sales. So starting again, with SelfMadeLadies was easy.

But what if you have a goal that is so far away from your current state and you don’t know how to get there?

Like you are driving an old car that could stop working at any moment, and your goal is that shiny new BMW, but your bank account is overdrawn.

The best way to approach this is to start backward:

First, think of what you will need to buy a BMW. I guess it’s money.

Then think of how you can get that amount of money. Let’s just make this easy and say you need a better-payed job (could also be investing, saving, or even winning the lottery).

Now it’s time to think about how you can get a better-paid job. You are so much nearer to your current state now, and the steps will become much clearer and feel easier to reach.

Let’s assume you need to learn a specific skill, to become that better-payed job, your next step would be, to find out how to learn that skill.

Breaking it down into small achievable steps will help you to change your mindset. It will give you the feeling that you can do this but also gives you a master plan and see the big picture. And reverse engineering your goals is a great strategy.


The HOW is Your Job When Manifesting BIG Dreams

To generate such a clear plan might seem a bit strange to you, because after all, it is about manifesting your goals, right?

You’ve probably heard that the HOW is not your job when you manifest and use the Law of Attraction.

But that’s where I disagree with what many other LoA authors and coaches out there teach.

And honestly, I believe this makes a big difference in why my readers and coaching clients always get results. My advanced signature manifesting method takes out all the guess-work.

Because we make the HOW our job!

Sure we still use the power of the universal laws and your subconscious mind, but we also take control over our actions.

If you want to learn more about my advanced manifesting strategy, you should read my manifestation book, “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life.”

But imagine for one moment that you don’t know the HOW when manifesting, your action steps would be uncontrolled and would hardly have the impact you want.

And don’t forget, we are talking about manifesting BIG dreams, not a new pair of shoes, or a few hundred dollars.

So let’s now take a closer look at this very important part of the manifestation process, taking (inspired) action.

Taking Action is Key

Everything I teach in my manifesting community, in my coaching sessions, or in my books and workbooks (please check out my shop if you are interested), is very action-based.


Because, in the end, only the actions you take towards your dreams and goals will bring results.

Mindset work is important, of course, especially reprogramming your subconscious mind. And so is overcoming your manifesting blocks and limiting beliefs.

But basically, you do all this work upfront, so that you don’t get in your own way when it comes to taking action.

The activation of the different universal laws (like the law of attraction) is the basis of manifestation, and it starts with setting the right kind of goals. We talked about this at the beginning of this guide.

But I work mainly with one of the universal laws, and that’s the law of action. Because as I said, everything you do in the manifestation process has the goal of making you step towards your big dream.

Manifesting is not magic. It requires work, and with the entire manifestation process, you take care that you know how to do this work and that you will do this work.

We don’t just want to take any action; we want to take INSPIRED action when manifesting.

Read the following posts to learn more about inspired action, and why inspired action is key to your manifestation success.

It’s all about setting the right goals, getting over your manifesting blocks, and then following the right plan to achieve those goals.

If you get these things right, you will inspire the right action all by yourself.

As I said, manifesting is no magic, but if you have your subconscious mind, set to the right frequency, and you have the right goals in front of you, a lot of magical things can happen.

Just let it happen!

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Create Your Own Manifesting Coach

There is a key element, which I teach in my book, which makes the difference whether you are really successful in manifesting or not.

Or let me put it this way, whether you are successful in manifesting your BIG goals, or just the small and mediocre ones.

I believe for small things here and there; you could be successful without this step. Often it is enough to have programmed your subconscious mind correctly and get over your most important blocks.

Once you have the necessary self-confidence, you will take much more action, which is quite natural, and thus manifest more of the goals you have set yourself.

But when it comes to achieving big goals and dreams, the so-called breakthrough goals, it gets overwhelming.

I understand it; I myself was long overwhelmed with the question of how to manifest my big dreams.

And when I offered face-to-face coaching, before I started my online community, I realized that my clients needed a lot of guidance for these kinds of goals.

That’s when I realized why so few people really succeed after reading books like The Secret (me included) and why theoretical knowledge is just not enough.

As it turns out, “ask, believe, receive” is not the best strategy to manifest big goals.

And I was on a mission; I wanted to find a way to give these women a chance to live their dream without intensive (and expensive) coaching.

That’s why I finally came up with my signature manifesting method on how to become the CEO of your dream life. A way you take control of your manifestation.

And I was on a mission; I wanted to find a way to give these women a chance to live their dream without intensive (and expensive) coaching.

That’s why I finally came up with my signature manifesting method, on how to become the CEO of your dream life. A way you take control of your manifestation.

My bestselling manifesting book, and the corresponding workbook, go deep into the theory of manifesting, explaining the whole process step by step (with many practical exercises), and of course, helping you to identify and overcome your blocks.

But I also go much deeper into my advanced manifesting and a goal-setting strategy (inspired by Walt Disney). So I strongly recommend you to read my book if you have very big goals that you want to achieve fast.

Nevertheless, in this guide here, I want to give you the full know-how you need that you can start going after your goals and dreams today.

And creating your own inner coach is one of the most powerful strategies you can use.

This is where we take “acting as if” to the next level.

Because it is not only about feeling like you have already reached your goal, but you start to live like this person, who has already reached this goal.

And this person, I call it the success persona, becomes your inner guide. Your manifesting coach that you always have with you.

In this post here I explain to you how: Acting As If – The Power of Living as Your Successful Future Self

More Goal-Achieving Tips & Questions about Manifesting Your Big Goals

It is so important to learn how to achieve your goals and dreams because you deserve only one thing: The best!

And in order to live your best life, you sometimes have to reach goals that have only been a wish so far. And that’s exactly what I want to help you with, at the

So let’s have a look at some additional tips for achieving goals and manifesting your dreams.

Why Is It Important to Move Out of Your Comfort Zone?

You have probably heard many quotes about goal achieving and your comfort zone.

Quotes such as: “You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone,” or “Change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

And yes, that’s basically true. To achieve great goals, to make your big dreams come true, you have to change. And you often have to take a big step, which can be very uncomfortable.

But don’t worry, I have a great strategy for you:

How Do You Know When a Manifestation is Coming?

I get it, we all want to know one thing: how do you manifest your goals fast.

Understanding the signs, when your manifestation is coming, is not only important to take the necessary inspired action, but also to keep the motivation on a high level.

These two posts here will help you with it: 


Make Your Big Goals Come True

I hope this goal-achieving guide has helped you on your way to your big dreams and goals. And if you have any more questions on how to reach your big dreams, please sign up for your free chapter of my manifestation book.

Together with the first chapter, you will receive a series of emails with further useful tips on how to apply the law of attraction correctly to manifest your big goals.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mia Fox is a bestselling author, founder & CEO of the SelfMadeLadies Community. After a decade as an NLP coach, helping women to overcome their abundance blocks and turning big dreams into reality, she started her manifestation blog in 2018. Since then, she has helped millions of readers with her practical manifesting tips, and wrote her bestselling manifestation book “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life,” which turned into an award-winning transformational program, teaching students in over 222 countries worldwide how they can transform their lives with self-coaching. Read more about Mia Fox here.

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