How To Manifest Anything With These 3 Types of Goals

By Mia Fox

Author, Money Mindset & Manifestation Coach

Are you having trouble figuring out how to manifest anything you want? If so, you need to understand the power of setting the right types of goals. Setting the right kinds of goals is the key will take you to the next level.

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If you're stuck in the pattern of not accomplishing your deepest desires, you need to know what types of goals to set.

Maybe you do not have the relationships you want, you're not making the money you want, or you're not contributing purposefully. Many people go through their entire lives, never creating the kind of happiness and joy they desire.

Setting the right types of goals can change that!

Any one of us can achieve anything that we desire in our minds. If it were impossible for us, our brains would not allow us to want to achieve it.

We can have anything and everything we want, including financial freedom, positive character traits, the health and fitness we want, and so much more. 

When you learn how to go after your dreams by setting the right types of goals, you become unstoppable. You feel motivated and excited to get up every day and start working on your life.

Along with the motivation, you have the right types of processes to follow, so you know you're on track. And finally, you have things you can tick off every day as you achieve them.

That is an incredibly positive feedback loop that thrusts you forward in a massive way. 

Three Types of Goals to Work With

Every time I see a personal development blogger on Pinterest writing about how to set smart goals, I think only one thing: WHY again?

SMART goals are perfect for any large scale business project, and that's where this type of goal belongs.

But this is NOT your business; this is your dream life! (I guess that's why you are here, right?) 

Or maybe you do have a business as I do with SelfMadeLadies, then, believe me, smart goals are not the right answer either.

Because; we should dare to dream big!

So here are the kind of goals you really want to set for yourself! And actually the ONLY 3 types you ever need again...

Breakthrough Goals

Breakthrough goals are the BIG ones. They are the ones that get you inspired and put you into a hopeful state.

We need to set big enough goals that are outside of our current reality so that we feel the excitement to keep working on them.

Goals that are too small do not provide enough stimulation to get us moving. Even if you think our goals are out of reach at this point, you need to have a powerful motivator to put you into motion.

You also need to find out WHY you want to achieve these goals.

The more positive outcomes you can link to your goal, the more likely you will be to follow through. And your WHY is the real driving force behind the achievement of your goals.

It is the acknowledgment of who you will become and how you will change in the process of achieving your goals. 

For example, if you wanted to become more physically fit, your goal may be to hit a certain weight on your next birthday. You would want to look at all of the ways this could impact your life positively.

What would hitting that weight means for you?

Maybe it could allow you to have more energy for your friends and family. It could save you money on medical bills. You could enjoy a longer, more healthy life where you can experience more things because of your improved health. 

The more ways you can make this positive for yourself, the more motivated you will be. 

Result Goals

Your result goals stem directly from your big goals.

Where your breakthrough goal may state that you want to have total financial freedom, your result goal would put a number and a date on it. 

For example, you could say that you wanted to have $10'000/month of residual income from investments by the time you reach age 45. That would be a result goal with an exact target and timeline. 

Without an exact number and date, you are not as motivated to go for it, and you can become lazy.

Also, making your goal time-sensitive forces your subconscious mind to start to figure out ways to achieve it. It will begin to point out to you new opportunities and avenues that will lead you to your desired outcome. That leads you to the final step: process goals.

Process Goals

Your process goals are the most short term and simplified version and are the actions you take to manifest anything you want.

They are the daily and weekly steps you need to take to reach your result and breakthrough goals.

When you set your result goals, you will then break them down into actionable steps that you can work on consistently to move towards achievement. 

Process goals look different for every result, but they will all be things you can do right now, or very shortly.

It could be that you need to call three new prospective clients every day. You may need to work out for 30 minutes every morning. You may need to approach two exciting people every week. Whatever it is that you need to do to get closer to your desired outcome, you will put into your process goals. 

Process goals also work to give you extra positivity when you need it.

By actually completing things and seeing that you are making progress, you create a positive feedback loop that helps you keep going.

You can feel yourself changing and growing in the process, and this is incredibly motivating as you start to see physical changes in your life.

You need to make sure that you are consistent with setting your process goals and marking them off. 

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Even though you may still be in a situation that you don't love, that's okay. You can start today by finding out precisely what you want to achieve to enjoy a beautiful life.

If you decide not to take action on your desires, you may find that time has slipped by, and you've missed a lot of positive experiences you could have gone after.

But don't forget, achieving goals always starts with the right goal-setting process!

If you do follow these three types of goals, you will see how to manifest anything easily and enjoy your dream life soon. 

And in case you want some extra help with setting the right goals (and more), you should check out my transformational goal-setting workbook.

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