Law of Attraction Scripting: Journaling Technique to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

By Mia Fox
By Mia Fox

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The Law of Attraction can sound complicated, but in the end, it comes all down to how you program your subconscious mind. Law of Attraction scripting is an amazing journaling technique that can help you to reprogram your subconscious mind, and to make manifestation work. Let’s find out how…

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Whatever you think, imagine, or wish for yourself; that is what you attract. Whatever feelings or emotions you cultivate in your mind, this is what you attract to yourself. If it is a feeling of sadness, then you attract sadness.

If it is a feeling of joy, then you bring joy to yourself through the attraction. And one technique to attract the feelings you consciously choose is scripting.

Scripting is a very powerful way of manifesting through journaling, working directly on a subconscious level. So let’s have a closer look at this subconscious writing exercise, and how it can help you to empower your subconscious mind and attract all your desires.


What is the Law of Attraction Scripting Technique

Scripting is one of the most effective Law of Attraction techniques for instant good feelings.

In the scripting manifesting method, you write a story about your own life, just like you would journaling an autobiography.

However, the story is based on what you desire your life to be, not actually your true reality.

This technique lets you present the best version of yourself in the form of a story with the knowledge that whatever you write is what manifests.

How Scripting for Manifesting Works

Scripting manifestation examples include writing a story of a new car you would like to get, a story about your journey to weight loss, or a story about a pleasant and loving relationship with a partner that truly loves you.

These stories propel you to achieve your heart desires: you can detail the financial plan in getting your car in order to make it possible, you can set a gym routine to achieve your weight loss, and you can know never to settle for less when choosing a partner.

With the law of attraction scripting, you are the writer of your own story.  You are the creator of the incidents that bring you to your goal. You are the maker of your achievements.

The best way for scripting to work is for you to write the story as it has happened already. That means you are telling a story about events that are yet to occur in a manner that makes it feel like they have been achieved already.

This is also called future scripting, and it helped many women to manifest their dreams much faster.

One, this helps you to stay in line with the principle of the law of attraction.

How, you might ask?

Well, as you are writing your story using any of the scripting manifestation examples you like, you are putting out your desires to the universe.

You are attracting your desires through a level of positivity, belief, and assurance that is unmatched, making the ultimate way of channeling the law of attraction.

In the story that you write, what your focus will be on, is how you would feel when your goal or heart desire has been achieved.

This means that when journaling that way, you will tell the story of how you felt when these desires had been achieved.

Therefore, your focus will be on how it feels to finally get that little black dress on and look amazing.

You will tell the story in such a way that it conveys the emotion or thrill of driving your new car on the highway.

You will tell the story in a way that shows how it feels when you are in love with someone that truly loves you.

How to Use Scripting to Reprogram Your Subconscious

As stated earlier, the law of attraction scripting is a technique where you present events yet to happen as if they have happened already.

Your focus on the story will be how it feels when those events manifest; you will be channeling emotions you are yet to feel in order to attract them to yourself.

While scripting has to do with putting down actual words, the technique is based on your mindset. For example, you have your manifesting journal where your desires have been written.

You have listed how you achieve those things and how they felt achieving them.

This stays in your mind – your subconscious mind – propelling you to take the next step or next action to achieving your aim.

So how do you use scripting or journaling to reprogram the subconscious mind?

You are sending the right vibes and messages to your subconscious mind by entrenching deep into your mind that those goals/desires have already been achieved.

The technique puts into your subconscious mind that desires can and will be achieved. That way, you can never stop until you get those things done.

Having written the script of your life using words that create a sense of positive energy to get it done, you become inspired to take all the necessary steps.

For you, there is no taking no for an answer.

When writing the story, make sure it is done effortlessly and with fun. This makes it easier for the subconscious mind to register it.

Let the words and events flow seamlessly, and it will fall into place like an emotion you have already felt.

This is what then propels you to channel those feelings into making it a reality.

Never forget that when scripting your story, write every single detail as it has already happened.


Why Daily Scripting Can Attract What You Desire

Scripting, or having a manifesting journal, is something that you should incorporate into your daily lifestyle.

This way, every day is tailored in such a way that the events have already been created in advance the day before.

Each day, you set a clear intention on the things you desire for the next day as well as why you desire those things.

You detail how it would make you feel in a very believable manner. Your daily scripting should be written in a grateful manner that shows that you are thankful for the things you have already achieved.

This act of thankfulness is the ultimate way of showing that it has already been done. Turn this into a daily routine, and you will find out that you continually attract the things you desire.

Conclusion About Scripting in the Manifesting Process

Scripting is a technique that helps you process and actualizes your reality by having your imagination registered in your subconscious.

If you write down what you desire in a manner that seems like you have already achieved them, you are a step closer to making your desires a reality.

This technique helps you the law of attraction into action and get the benefits of it. Don’t be like the person who is too scared to face their dreams.

Write your story today, and describe how it would feel to achieve your desires.

Don’t be minimalistic with your descriptions; don’t try to lower expectations and don’t force the feelings.

Let it flow, enjoy every bit of the process, and let your mind and imagination to do all the talking.

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