Manifestation Myths Busted: 11 Truths to Know

In the last 10+ years, I have intensively studied manifestation with the Law of Attraction, and worked with thousands of women in my coaching sessions and courses. In all the years, I have frequently heard misunderstandings and myths about how manifesting works.

And since my manifestation approach is very practical, action-based, and easy to implement, it was important for me to get these manifestation misconceptions out of the way.

If you have had problems with manifesting your goals in the past, and maybe it didn’t work out as you hoped, or you just want to know more about the law of attraction in general, you should take the time to go through these 11 top manifestation myths.

And finally, unlock more abundance because manifesting your dreams doesn’t have to be complicated!

Manifestation Myths Busted Video

If you prefer to watch the manifestation myths as a video, here it is. If you rather like to read the post, get started with the first manifestation myth below the video…

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Myth #1 – The Law of Attraction Does Not Work for Everyone

That’s one of the manifestation myths I hear all the time; I don’t think this is working for me… But I can assure you, the Law of Attraction works, always and for everyone.

After all these years, and countless success stories to share, I can confidently say, manifesting works for everyone.

We create our life, our reality, and we do this (unconsciously) all the time. This means that many people manifest all their lives without ever really realizing it.

The power lies in becoming able to apply the Law of Attraction consciously and control the manifesting process. But this is also something that everyone can learn.

In my online training, I had thousands of women from all over the world, with every background, every age, and every religion. And not a single time has manifesting not worked if the techniques were applied correctly.

If you are interested to learn how you can get in control of your manifestations, sign up for my FREE 5-day manifestation course.

Of course, some need a little more work when it comes to their mindset and beliefs; for others, it’s enough to use the right tools, like a vision board, affirmations, or anchors, the correct way.

But if you want to become a manifesting master, you will — no doubt about this.

And if you still believe that the Law of Attraction is only for a selected group, for people with special abilities, or a particular background, click here, to join the free course.

I love to prove you wrong!

Myth #2 – Manifesting With the Law of Attraction is Magic

Maybe you watched the movie “The Secret,” and you remember the scene with Aladin and the three free wishes? Of course, it’s a cute way to show the manifesting process in a movie, but manifesting has little to do with magic wands or fairy tales.

Sorry if I might destroy your world with this statement, but the Law of Attraction only works if you take an important step: Action

Or, as my mentor Jack Canfield once said, the last part of the word attraction is action. I truly love this quote (and Jack’s work, btw.)

And even though it often feels truly magical when you visualize your big dreams and stick them on a vision board only to realize a few days, weeks, or months later that you’ve already achieved that one big dream. It really has nothing to do with magic.

Rational looking at manifesting, it is a goal-setting and goal-achievement process, but not something as boring as S.M.A.R.T. Goals, but one that sparks the dreamer in you.

The actual manifestation of your goal doesn’t come from fairy dust but from inspired action, the action you have to take.

Btw. in my bestselling manifestation book, I teach my signature advanced manifesting method, which contains a goal-setting strategy that really brings results. For this, I was inspired by Walt Disney and how he made his big dreams and visions come true.

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Myth #3 – Positive or Negative Feelings Attract Good or Bad Things

This myth about manifestation is somewhat more complicated. Basically, the statement is not wrong: we attract what we think and feel.

Therefore, it is actually true that good feelings and thoughts attract good things and negative feelings and thoughts attract bad things.

But there is really more to it…

My husband does not divorce me just because I once had negative feelings about our marriage. And anyone who has been in a relationship for a long time knows for sure that these days just happen from time to time.

Also, no war will break out here in Switzerland, just because I saw a T.V. report about a war zone and felt terrible about it.

And unfortunately, I don’t wake up in Hawaii just because my last thought before I fell asleep was about a trip to Maui.

Although that would be a really cool thing, speed manifestation (did you hear me, dear universe?)

No seriously, just a feeling, whether positive or negative, won’t bring anything into your life. But continuously living in an emotional world, and always being in this flow, will most definitely bring more of that to you.

That doesn’t mean that to manifest your dream life; you always have to be perfect and positive; in point number #10, I’ll go into that in even more detail, but you should make an effort and pay attention to what you think and how you feel.

The good thing is, that you can consciously attract more positive feelings and thoughts into your life! (One great way is by starting with guided meditations, and if you sign up here you can download my favorite session for free!)

Myth #4 – Manifesting is Really Difficult

Sure, what’s easy for one person is difficult for another. But with my community and my manifesting blog, I have set myself the goal of making manifesting an easy-to-follow, hands-on process.

Manifesting is not a complicated scientific concept that you have to study for years to understand. Don’t forget, I’m a high school dropout, and there is a reason for this. I definitely love shortcuts in life.

As I mentioned in point number one, the Law of Attraction works for everyone. There is a process, and if you stick to it, you can’t go wrong.

Besides that, there are some specific tools and strategies that will help you to get rid of your abundance blocks and get in the right mindset.

But I understand that many are overwhelmed in the beginning; too much info (and also misinformation) is available about manifestation. Furthermore, abundance blocks are scary or can give you insecurities when you have to face them all by yourself.

That’s where a community can help.

I know how it feels when you start out and feel a bit lost. When I first came in contact with the concept of manifestation, and the Law of attraction, I had just read the book “The Secret” and was enthusiastic about the whole concept. And I had truly implemented everything the way I understood it or the way I thought it was supposed to be.

But I had no success. And I was frustrated. And I thought the whole thing didn’t work, or it was simply too difficult for me.

But it wasn’t.

I just hadn’t understood the essential aspects of manifestation. When I finally understood them correctly, it started to work, a new world opened up for me.

Suddenly everything was possible, and my life changed completely, from frustrated and unhappy to absolutely amazing!

And this is exactly what I want for you; this is my motivation to make the manifestation process understandable and accessible for everyone.

If you want me to take you by your hand and guide you step by step through this process, then my free 5-day email manifestation course is the best starting point for you.

The universe has your back, and so do I! We can do this together.

Myth #5 – The Law of Attraction is Some Woo-woo Concept, and You Have to Be Very Spiritual

Dancing under the full moon while burning some sage? Well, you can if you want, but you don’t have to. All this new-age stuff has nothing to do with manifestation.

I can understand that many spiritual people are more attracted to the whole concept of manifestation, but that doesn’t mean that it only works for you if you are into this stuff.

Since spirituality means inner life, many people believe that this is a MUST for being successful with the Law of Attraction. But I don’t think that this gives anyone a real advantage when manifesting.

Manifestation works by accessing your subconscious mind and reprograming it in a way that it aligns with your goal. Then you need to take inspired action toward this goal. That’s it.

You see, there are no fancy rituals or tools needed.

Those who perceive the inner being in a stronger way will also be more sensitive when it comes to their abundance blocks. And that could even be a disadvantage.

Thanks to my love for hippie music, I have been very intensively involved with all this new-age stuff during my early teens. But I really lost interest.

Hello, my name is Mia, and I apply the Law of Attraction without any woo-woo stuff.

Now the truth is out, haha…

But hey, in case you are into things like tarot reading, crystals, and burning sage, there is nothing wrong with it. Just do what you like. And if it helps you to access your subconscious power, even better.

Myth #6 – You Can Just Order and Lean Back (the Universe Will Deliver)

I think this is a major misunderstanding when it comes to manifesting goals.

But I definitely felt that this is how things work when I read the secret for the first time.

In the beginning, I really had this idea that I could just order my dreams and believe in the universe. And then all I had to do was be ready to receive. As if the universe were Amazon.

Order, lean back, and wait for the UPS guy to ring the doorbell.

Ok, sometimes it almost feels like this; this moment when you look at your vision board, and you realize, wow, this dream has already come true. And first, you probably think it just happened overnight.

But when you then reflect a bit more, you’ll quickly realize how many steps were actually involved in the process. In my opinion, the secret behind the secret is to have the right plan and then take the first important step.

Without taking action, the Law of Attraction won’t work.

A great (and very relaxed) action you could take is listening to guided meditations. They are a great way to reprogram your subconscious and help you to manifest more abundance faster.

Click here, and I send you my favorite session for free.

Myth #7 – The Secret is the Origin of the Law of Attraction

The Secret is probably the best-known book/movie about the Law of Attraction and has certainly made the manifesting process accessible to the masses.

But the Law of Attraction is much older than the 2006 released movie “The Secret.” – As a matter of fact, the Law of Attraction has been known for more than a hundred years.

The term “Law of Attraction” was first mentioned in 1906, as far as I know. It was mentioned in the book “Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World” by author William Walker Atkinson.

If you want to learn more about where manifestation comes from, read my post about the law of attraction history.

Myth #8 – Creating a Vision Board is Enough to Manifest Your Dreams

Whether it’s a vision board, affirmations, anchors, or a gratitude journal, these are all just manifestation methods and tools that support the manifesting process.

Important tools, powerful tools, but just tools.

Of course, it can help if you visualize your dream life, but one of these techniques alone will not help you to manifest your big dream. So, if you hope to think that a few pictures of your goal on a blank canvas are enough to reach it, I have to disappoint you.

That doesn’t mean that a vision board can’t be extremely helpful when it comes to manifesting. I firmly believe that my vision board has helped me enormously to design my dream life as it is today.

And because I love this manifestation method so much, I even created a 3-part vision board course, and today you can get it for a special offer price! Just click here.

But in the end, it takes a combination of various tools combined with the right strategy.

Myth #9 – Manifestation Means You Are Selfish

It is somehow obvious why many people think that “ordering from the universe” or designing your dream life is a selfish concept.

After all, you can order anything you want, right?

There’s nothing wrong with the fact that you can create your life the way you want. And everyone deserves to live exactly the life they want as long as it doesn’t harm others.

And that is definitely what the Law of Attraction is not designed to do! Manifestation only works when you are vibrationally aligned with your goal. So it’s designed in a way that you can’t harm others.

Of course, you could manifest more money or a job where you have a particular position of power, and yes, you could take advantage of such a situation. But that has little to do with the manifestation itself.

On the other hand, you can also use the money (or the new job) to do a lot of good in the world, for instance, to support charities as I regularly do.

It is absolutely not selfish to manifest anything with the Law of Attraction. The whole idea is based on the belief that there is enough for everyone; abundance is the magic word.

So go on, my dear, and manifest the he** out of it… You deserve this!

Myth #10 – You Need to Overcome All Your Abundance Blocks Before Manifestation Works

I believe the manifestation myth that you first have to clean up all the abundance blocks to manifest is a widespread one.

But it’s just not true.

Of course, it’s important that you have the right mindset; it is also important to work on your beliefs, to overcome certain emotions like fear, anger, greed, or doubt.

It certainly also helps if you look at your body, your environment, and your relationships critically and declutter every possible area in your life.

But you can absolutely manifest your dreams without being 100% perfect in every aspect of your life. What counts is that you do reflect and start working on major blocks…

In my advanced manifesting course, I dedicated an entire module to just this one topic; decluttering and setting the stage for your manifesting success. And how you can break free from your abundance blocks.

However, it is important to understand; that you don’t have to be perfect to be successful with manifesting.

I have been extremely successful with the Law of Attraction and have manifested my dream life, going from being totally unhappy and broke, to the wonderful life that I live today. Madly in love, rich, and doing all the things I love to do.

Nevertheless, I’m far from perfect.

I have still some weight that I would like to lose, and I also struggle with some health issues. And yes, I have days where I could just stay in bed and cry (thank you hormones!)

These are my biggest blocks that I have not yet been able to get 100% out of the world.

And still, I attracted my dream husband, I managed to build up my dream business, I even succeeded in earning a lot of money, besides having no higher education, and I traveled to all my dream destinations, lived in my dream apartment, and enjoyed an amazing lifestyle. I’m totally happy with my life!

The fact that I haven’t “yet” reached my dream body or that I still have to work on some health-related stuff didn’t stop me in other areas. I personally see manifestation as a life-long personal growth process. You never stop working on yourself, and your dreams.

It’s not about being perfect and having everything under control or always having the right mindset; it’s important to understand where you have obstacles and how they can keep you from reaching your “big dream.” And then work on them.

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Myth #11 – Manifestation is the Answer to Everything

Imagine a world where you could just instantly manifest EVERYTHING you want. That would be perfect…

Or maybe not?

Perhaps it would just be boring. I don’t know how you feel, but I love challenges.

Of course, I believe that you can achieve anything you want in life, and we should definitely not set ourselves boundaries. But for many things in our world, to really change them, it would take more than a single person alone.

So let’s just face it; I won’t be able to stop starvation in the world with the power of the Law of Attraction alone, but I can make my contribution.

I can program my subconscious mind to earn more money and donate it to charities.

I can be grateful for the things I have and live less wastefully.

I can be a role model for my family, my friends, or my followers on social media.

And above all, I can help more women to make their dreams come true and make a difference. And so our world becomes a little better every day.

Manifestation is not the answer to everything, but it is a big step forward.

Get More Tips on How to Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Dream Life

For so long, the Law of Attraction didn’t work for me. And I thought that the whole thing just doesn’t work for everybody, or that I had to become super-spiritual or always be positive.

Then I cracked the manifesting code, busted all the manifestation myths, and my life turned 180 degrees.

From jobless and sleeping on my parents’ couch to what I have today, a life I truly love.

And I can regularly tick something off my vision board because I have achieved it!

I live the life I always wanted! It’s totally crazy, and sometimes I can’t believe it myself.

Today I know that I can achieve anything if I have the determination and the right plan to take the necessary action.

Understanding how manifestation works has changed my life, and I have made it my BIG goal to change the lives of millions of other women and make that knowledge accessible to them as well.

That’s why I love to invite you to my FREE 5-day email manifestation course so that I can share my action-based manifestation method with you.

I really want you to succeed with the Law of Attraction and design your dream life the way you want (and deserve!)

And don’t forget to have fun while on your journey; manifesting should always make you happy.

signature saying xo mia fox

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