Limiting Beliefs Journal Prompts to Unblock Your Manifestations

We all hold some limiting beliefs; they make us human. But on the other hand, they are the subconscious thoughts that hold us back from achieving our dreams and manifesting our desires.

That’s why I want to share with you my top 7 journal prompts to rewrite limiting beliefs. You can use them to question these beliefs and ultimately remove them and unblock abundance and manifest the life you desire.

A limiting belief is any negative thought you hold about yourself or the world around you. They do not allow you to have confidence in yourself or faith that things will work out.

If these limiting beliefs are only temporary, they are often not a problem, but when you repeat them over and over again, they can become major abundance blocks, holding you back from manifesting the life you desire (and deserve).

Removing your limiting beliefs will make your manifestation easier and more effortless. And a great way to overcome your limiting beliefs is through manifestation journaling and using the following journal prompts.

Journal prompts are little hints, in this case, questions you answer in your journal, that will help clear things up for you. Here are seven limiting beliefs journal prompts that will help you unblock more abundance.

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Journal Prompt 1: I Am Incapable or Unworthy of…

You uncover your most obvious limiting beliefs by writing down the things you believe you are unworthy or incapable of achieving. It’s a bit like making a limiting beliefs list in your journal.

When you begin to search your mind for the answers to what is holding you back, you might find the underlying reasons.

For example, you might haven’t started the business you are always talking about because you’re afraid you’ll fail. Or maybe you haven’t asked out that special person for a date because you don’t think she/he would be interested.

The first step of removing your limiting beliefs is to become aware of them. And this journal prompt is the perfect start for this.

Journal Prompt 2: I Believe I Am Incapable Because…

This prompt is designed to help you go deeper and explore your reasons for the limiting beliefs you might hold.

It will force you to face your fears.

So this is one of the more uncomfortable questions about self-limiting beliefs. Although this can be a painful process, it is also necessary.

You may find out that the things you believe are basically absurd, and you just made them up.

This is usually the case because we often acquire these limiting beliefs in early childhood when we simply take everything that people tell us at face value.

It’s not your fault, but it’s time to let go!

Or you may discover a past experience that has anchored that belief in your consciousness. You can “relearn” this too, but it takes awareness first.

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Journal Prompt 3: if I Believed I Was Capable of Anything, I Could…

Here we start to take a positive turn and let go of old limiting beliefs.

When you have identified what your beliefs are and why you think that way, it is time to look in the opposite direction.

Begin to visualize what your life would be like if you believed you could achieve your goals and dreams. Who would you be, and how would you act? What lifestyle choices would you make that are different than the ones you make now?

Imagine that your life is the way you want it to be now and prompt your brain into believing that this is possible for you.

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Journal Prompt 4: I Can Build My Belief in Myself by…

When you finish this prompt, you’ll have outlined how you can strengthen your personal beliefs and self-esteem.

It’s like making a list of why you can achieve the things you want and how you can build up new beliefs in yourself. This will make you more likely to manifest your goals and dreams.

Journal Prompt 5: Reasons Why I Am Worthy of My Dreams Are…

Overcoming limiting beliefs is mostly changing your mind and shifting your perspective. That’s really it. (Sounds simple? It actually is!)

Begin to focus on all the reasons why you DO deserve to have the life you want. You will see yourself in a more positive light, and it will help you express gratitude towards the things you have, allowing you to attract more.

This is my favorite limiting beliefs journal prompt because it’s truly opening up the abundance gates in your brain.

Journal Prompt 6: by Chasing My Dreams, I Will Become…

For more inspiration in helping you shrink the list of your limiting beliefs, you can focus on the ways you will change internally as a result of chasing your dreams and goals.

It is not always about the end goal, as much as it is about who we become in the process. Think of the things you’ll learn, the confidence you’ll gain, and the people you will attract into your life.

Having extra motivation will inspire you to see yourself in a new light and then start to act as if you are already at the end goal. That’s one of the big secrets behind manifestation. 

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Journal Prompt 7: I Will No Longer Believe That…

When you write down the things you no longer want to accept in your life, you automatically become more vigilant about them. Thanks to this awareness, you can stop any limiting beliefs in their tracks before they can do any harm.

Write down the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that no longer fit your new life. Allow yourself to live a life free from these limiting beliefs. They no longer serve you.

Soon you will see the change happening in your life, and your desires will quickly manifest.

Take More Action to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs & Manifest Your Dreams

You see, limiting beliefs can stand between you and your dream life. And if you give them enough space, they can become major abundance blocks and prevent the manifestation of your big goals.

But only if you let them. You have it under control.

And these limiting beliefs journal prompts will help you to rewire limiting beliefs – They help you get out of your own way so you can attract the life you want. 

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P.S. Remember that the “believe” part of manifestation is only one of many steps. The most important one is to take inspired actions. (And once you eliminate your limiting beliefs, these action steps become effortless).

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