5 Ideas on How to Use Anchors in Your Manifesting Process

By Mia Fox
By Mia Fox

Bestselling Manifestation Book Author of 'Become the CEO of Your Dream Life'

In my post, how anchors can help you with manifesting, I described in detail how you can use this NLP technique in your manifesting process and why anchoring can be so powerful when manifesting. Today I want to give you some action steps that you can implement immediately, and that will reinforce the manifesting of your big dream.

woman using a perfume as a manifestation anchor

Anchors are like little daily reminders to remind you of what you want to manifest. They help you with the “act if” part of manifesting, even if things don’t work out as they should.

To learn more about NLP anchors, and how anchoring can help you in manifesting, also check out my guide on NLP anchors.

When you have read my post The Secret Behind “The Secret” – How the Law of Attraction Works, where I explain how the Law of Attraction finally started to work for me, you already know that I put the main focus on taking action and I am convinced, without the right inspired action, you will never succeed in manifesting.

However, the right mindset is almost as important, and that’s where anchors can be super helpful. Read in this post my five favorite tips on how to use anchors in manifesting.

Manifesting Anchor Tip #1: a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

We, humans, are very visually oriented, and the brain can take up and process a lot of information from an image in a very short time. This certainly explains why a Vision Board is such a popular and powerful manifesting tool.

As an anchor, however, I recommend that you choose something more symbolic than your actual goal or dream.

A symbolic image that takes you back to a situation where you were totally aligned with your dream, where you felt incredibly relaxed, where you were just in the flow.

I currently have a picture of the sunset on Maui, taken on my 39th birthday, which serves as an anchor for this year’s big goals I’m having. When I look at this picture, I immediately see myself on my 40th birthday sitting there again, with a glass of champagne in my hand and drinking on reaching all my goals.

This picture is super powerful, and whenever I get in doubt or feel like it, I look at it.

Use a picture like this as your background picture on your laptop, as a screensaver, or on the lock screen of your mobile phone, and you will always be brought back to the right state.

Manifesting Anchor Tip #2: Send Emails to Yourself

Many years ago I discovered a service that finally helped me to remember all my appointments. I was able to send myself emails as reminders for specific events at any time in the future. Meanwhile, almost every calendar, including Google calendar, has this function.

But what helped me, despite (what doctors would probably call) ADHD to keep up with my appointments, can be super helpful when used as a manifesting anchor.

You can’t use this anchor exactly when you need it, but think about how powerful it can be when you get an email every day that reminds you that you’re on the right track and that you’ve already reached your big goals.

» Expert Tip: How about adding a quote or sending yourself a link to an inspiring article, video, song, etc. This could really help you with the motivational part too.

Manifesting Anchor Tip #3: The Smell of Success

Surely you know that feeling when you enter a room, and it smells like something, you can’t even describe what it actually smells like, but it immediately reminds you of a place or a situation where you felt comfortable, and instantly you feel happy.

You can also consciously recall this state. Take a perfume or scented oil. There are also these essences in little roll-on sticks, which fit in every handbag.

Now all you have to do is set an anchor. Relax, it’s best to close your eyes. Now visualize your goal, make the picture really strong and big. Concentrate on the good feeling that you have because you have reached this goal. Now smell the scent you have chosen for yourself.

Maybe you have to repeat this a few times in the beginning, but once you have set this anchor, this can be an excellent tool for your daily manifestation process. Wear this scent every day or use it when you need an extra mindset boost.

Manifesting Anchor Tip #4: Your Daily Cup of Coffee (or Tea)

Anchors are super powerful when used in a daily ritual. Think how great it would be to have something that puts you in the right mindset, first thing, every morning.

Of course, I have my morning routine for that, and my gratitude journal, but are we honest to ourselves, do we really manage to do that every day, seven days a week, no matter what?

I can’t answer this question with a yes, but something is for sure, my morning coffee is sacred to me!

Buy yourself a cute cup, and you can bring yourself every morning in the desired flow with your dreams and goals while getting your dose of caffeine.

And on the days when you feel uninspired and not aligned with the universe, what would be better than a nice cup of tea? Set a manifesting anchor on your favorite mug and you get practically 2 for 1.

Manifesting Anchor  Tip #5: Go to the Movies

About 20 years ago I worked in a film production company, one of the most exciting jobs I’ve ever had. Most of the time I had to read scripts that aspiring screenwriters sent to us in the hope that we would produce them. I then had to decide which of them ended up on the producer’s desk.

Unfortunately only very few of them made it to the screen. But no matter how good a script is, only with the right film director, actors, music, and above all the right stage design and lighting, it becomes a real piece of art.

A movie can trigger a whole flood of emotions in the viewer, and I think every one of us has a ” favorite movie ” or a movie that has a big meaning for you.

Choosing a movie as a manifesting anchor may not be practical in everyday life, but if you can take the time to watch this film, it certainly has a very strong effect on a deep emotional level.

Choose Your Personal Manifesting Anchor

This list of ideas on how to use anchors in your manifesting process is just a few ideas as inspiration. Basically, there are no rules on how such an anchor should look like.

It can be a word or sentence, a touch, a particular object, a place; it is about the feeling that you are connecting to the anchor, not about the anchor itself.

To choose a good manifesting anchor, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this manifesting anchor something personal?
  • Does this manifesting anchor trigger the right feelings in me?
  • Is this manifesting anchor practical and easy for me to use?
  • Can I use this manifesting anchor in everyday life or exactly when I need it?

I like to have a mix of several anchors, which I use depending on the situation. But keep the whole thing manageable, not that you need to set an anchor that reminds you to use your manifesting anchor.

Ok I’m just kidding, but I believe that less is more, a small number of solid anchors will undoubtedly help you and skyrocket your manifestations process.

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