How to Start a Journal and Keep Up With Daily Journaling

By Mia Fox
By Mia Fox

Bestselling Manifestation Book Author of 'Become the CEO of Your Dream Life'

Our life is an endless journey. Every day we start a new chapter. And keep track of all this is a great way to reflect and focus on our goals and journey. A journal is definitely an amazing way to keep all these thoughts in one place. So let’s find out how to start a journal and keep up with daily journaling.


To start a journal and also keep up with daily journaling, you need to get into the habit of it. For this, it is key that you have a strong reason to do it. Knowing your WHY, and also find the journal type that suits you the best, ist key for your success.

In case you like to have a guide on how to start a manifesting journal, then click here: How to Journal for Manifesting Success –  this in-depth guide on journaling will give you all the answers you are looking for. 

But in today’s post, I like to cover how you can get started with your journal. And of course, how you keep up the motivation for your daily journaling exercise.

But before we get started, let’s quickly have a look at why you should even start a journal.

The Benefits of Starting a Journal

The list of benefits of a journal is very long. For example, a journal can have a very positive effect on your physical health by helping you to go through life more relaxed.

Therefore it can be a wonderful tool to reduce stress, high blood pressure, and even inflammation in the body.

A journal also has many advantages for your mindset, want to learn more on how to journal for self-improvement? Then check out this post here:  7 Top Benefits of Journaling For Your Mindset

Whether you want to start a journal to reinforce your manifesting process, or to work on your abundance blocks, starting with journaling is definitely a good idea.

And here are my top tips on how to get started with journaling.

Define Your Journaling Goals

It is always difficult to start (and maintain) a new habit when we have no idea why we are doing it.

Set a clear goal for what you want to achieve with your journal. And more importantly, why you want to achieve this journaling goal.

If you know what your new habit, journaling, will do for you, it will be so much easier to sit down and actually do it—day after day.

Embrace Problem Solving

Do you have a challenge that is wearing you down? Writing a journal can enhance your problem-solving capabilities. Because this can let you focus on what you are able to do.

Even more, this can also be an effective way to keep track of the things you are doing for your well-being.

There are numerous types of journals you can start. The most common types are a journal for self-improvement, travel journal, gratitude journal, dream journal, and the list can go on.

You can start writing a journal on any aspect of your life. But if you put the problem-solving aspect in the foreground, it can greatly increase your motivation.

For more journal ideas and what to write in a journal diary, check out my journal guide here.

Find the Format That is Right for You

It is clear that we are more likely to do and maintain things that we like to do. There is nothing worse than forcing yourself to keep up with journaling if you don’t like it.

This is true for all law of attraction tools and manifestation techniques, by the way. So choose the format that is right for you, that applies to the content of your journal, as well as the way you run your journal.

Become a Pen and Paper Person

Writing a journal on paper is often more powerful as compared to using your mobile application or PC for it.

When you write a journal on paper, you will feel immersed in its own world. The pace of drawing or writing will give you more time to define your thoughts. Rather writing on screens can make your senses less engaged, and you may skim more.

So, this can be a nice exercise to write or draw on paper as slowly as you can. And really take the time to reflect. But as mentioned above, it must be the right format for you.

If, for example, the only time you have for journaling is on the bus on your commute, and a journaling app on your mobile phone is more convenient, then this is surely the right choice for you.

Do This JUST For Yourself

You should do this ONLY for one person, for yourself. If journaling is not right for you, then stop.

On the other hand, if you feel it is a great way for you to reflect, to focus on your goals, or to show your gratitude, take the time you need for your daily journaling habit.

A journal can let you reshape your habits, promote your problem-solving capabilities, or accomplish your goals. But when it comes to starting a journal, you need to find a way that works for you.

Journaling can bring a lot of benefits into your life, but only if you keep up with it. So I hope this post gave you some valuable input on how to start a journal, and how to make your journal a daily habit.

To learn more about how to journal to change your life and manifest your wildest dreams, check out this manifesting journal guide here.

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