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QUESTION: How Long Does It Take to Manifest Your Dream?

In my Manifesting Q&A's I get asked many questions about manifesting and the Law of Attraction.

One question I hear very often is: How Long Does It Take to Manifest Your Dream? Well, the answer is: it depends!

And if you ask yourself this question, it may even be exactly this point that prevents you from manifesting. In that case, I recommend you to read this post here where I go over the individual abundance blocks in more detail.

But first let's have a look at the question, how long it takes to manifest. How fast you can manifest something depends on different aspects:

- How long you have been manifesting?
- How big is the dream you want to manifest?
- Where do you stand right now in your life?

How long you have been manifesting:

Practice creates masters; this also applies to manifestation and the law of Attraction. It is clear that someone like me, who have manifested for more than a decade and has enjoyed a variety of training and coaching in this area, with people such as Jack Canfield, who you may know from the movie The Secret, can manifest more effortlessly than someone who may just be starting.

The Law of Attraction is a big part of my life; it is my business, I know exactly which tools and techniques I have to use, I have dealt intensively with my abundance blocks, etc.

But that doesn't mean that manifesting is easier for me in general. Personally, I still have trouble with manifesting when it comes to my health because I have a more complicated story there.

But you need to take the time to study and master the manifestation process, like everything else that you learn. The best place to start is here: No BS Law of Attraction Guide on How to Manifest Your Dreams

How big is the dream you want to manifest:

It also depends on how big your dream is. For example, if we take a specific amount of money, let's say USD 1000. You will understand that 1K does not have the same meaning for all people.

If someone is unemployed and doesn't know how to pay the rent and how to bring food on the table, USD 1000 is a lot of money, and this person will also have different beliefs towards abundance and wealth and different money mindsets, than someone who earns 10K or more a month.

It is obvious, that for these different people, manifesting USD 1000 will not take the same effort (and time).

Where do you stand right now in your life:

Also, your manifesting success depends on your overall situation. Do you still have many abundance blocks to solve, do you already use various Law of Attraction tools, are you even ready for what you want to manifest?

Sometimes we even have to take a step back when manifesting. We have to make an extra round.

It means that you might still want to learn something before you are ready for your big dream. The best thing is if you accept that, even better if you see it as something positive.

So you realize, the question of how quickly something manifests into your life, depends. And even if we don't want to admit it, things are always just coming to the right time.

All we can do is be ready, do our part for it (taking action is the magic word) and then trust in the universe.


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