EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping and the Law of Attraction

By Mia Fox

Author, Money Mindset & Manifestation Coach

You may have come across that thing called EFT? It seems like the whole LoA community is going crazy about EFT therapy.

Here a great video that explains step by step how to use EFT:

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is a way to gain freedom from your pent-up emotions.

Gary Craig is the founder of EFT Therapy; he is a minister from southern California and a Stanford graduate from the college of engineering. But he always had a deep interest in personal development and psychology, that's how he started to explore the human emotions.

EFT could best be described best as an emotional form of acupressure. With EFT Therapy, you can tap with a finger, on a specific part of your body, which then creates a reaction of therapeutic healing.

As your body tends to store up past emotional problems, it is important to find a way to release them. Acupressure, applied on the body's meridian energy points, is a great way to release them.

EFT is said to work instantly, so it can provide the client with instant healing.

You can use EFT for all sorts of problems such as anxiety, phobias, anger or insomnia. But it's also used for addiction therapy or weight loss. It can help to get rid of stress inducted pains, such as headaches and back pain.

You should understand by now, why EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is so popular for manifestation. It is a great tool to overcome abundance blocks, especially negative emotions.

I have become such a big fan of EFT that I plan to become an EFT practitioner myself soon. Mainly to bring even more value to you and the other ladies in our community.

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In this webinar Nick is going to show you how to use EFT Tapping to literally rewire your brain for financial success, changing the patterns, eliminating the blocks, creating the traits, belief systems, and energy system for success.

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