Top 5 Ways to Developing a Positive Mindset

By Mia Fox

Author, Money Mindset & Manifestation Coach

Developing a positive mindset can do many things for you. It can make you feel more joyful, fulfillment, energetic, motivatied, ect. And of course it can help you to attract a more abundance life and manifest your dreams. So, your big question must be, how can you change your mindset from negative to positive?

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At the core of all successes and failures is mindset. Your mindset is the launching pad from which you do everything. It is also the lens through which we perceive the world around us.

With a negative mindset, your focus is on negativity and lack of possibility. This leads to feelings of lack, anger, jealousy, and helplessness, etc.

And this is far from the abundant mindset, that will let you manifest all your dreams.

But that is exactly what I want you to have, and what I teach you on my blog and in my coaching products.

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When you shift yourself into a positive mindset, you begin to see things in a more positive light. You will notice more positive thoughts and start to see hope and possibility in life.

What we focus on grows.

When we focus on the positive, our energy naturally flows towards things that are going to allow more positivity, joy, and fulfillment can flourish.

Our brain is designed to shift and change, much like our muscles. When we exercise specific thoughts and emotions, our mind becomes more attuned to them.

Whether it is a positive or negative thought or feeling, it becomes easier and more comfortable over time to repeat those same thoughts.

When developing a positive mindset, it is crucial to remember to perform exercises that helpfully nourish the brain continually.

This is really the 101 of how the Law of Attraction works. So let's have a look the top ways to developing a positive mindset!

5 Best Ways to Get a Positive Mindset

#1 Be Grateful (Always!)

Gratitude is one of the healthiest emotions you can experience.

When you focus on what you have, your mind and body get nourished and filled with a sense of contentment. It causes your muscles to relax and allows your brain to rest and feel joy for your provisions.

When you practice gratitude, you no longer focus on the things you do not have, causing negative yearning or lack. Instead, you focus on the things you have, such as food, shelter, eyesight, or anything that helps you navigate and enjoy your everyday life.

When we look at the things we already have, it causes us to feel joy and appreciation, which translates into more positive experiences.

#2 Mentally Rehearse

You can train your mind similar to the way you train your body in the gym. When we exercise, we are physically rehearsing actions that will make us more healthy and fit.

That will benefit us later in life when we find ourselves in situations where we need to be able to withstand physical demands.

Also, when we practice having a positive mindset, it enables our minds to be more positive in future situations.

If you imagine someone cutting you off in traffic, and instead of losing your cool, you stay relaxed and calm, you're much more likely to remain calm when it happens. However, if you never prime your mind to keep unreactive, you will likely act within the subconscious programs you're already running.

#3 Meditate

When we are going through the motions of everyday life, it is unlikely we will notice many of our negative thinking patterns. When you meditate and cut down on external stimulation, your attention is naturally pulled to the most energetic emotional magnet.

As you sit with a negative emotion with no outside stimulation, you can slowly dissect and work through why you feel specific ways and why you're holding onto it.

Practicing meditation helps slow your analytical mind down and allows you to see things from a more relaxed perspective.

With practice, you can begin to see things in everyday life through this relaxed lense, causing you to have a more patient and positive response and mindset towards things.

#4 Change Your Diet

Of course, eating healthier foods will make you feel more vibrant and healthy. But, your diet is much more than the food in your mouth.

You can develop a positive mindset by surrounding yourself with positive people. You can read positive books (I recommend you read my manifesting book), watch movies with uplifting messages, and listen to music that moves you.

What you put into your mind, you will get out of it. Remember that next time you're picking out a movie to watch before bed.

But healthy food also has another added benefit. Healthy nutritions, especially fat, can change your brain chemistry and help you in fighting a bad mood. So eat these nuts and avocados without a bad feeling.

#5 Keep a Distant Perspective

Sometimes, we can get caught up in negativity when we are too close or emotionally attached to an outcome. A great way to remain grounded and develop a positive mindset is to look at situations in your life from a birdseye view.

By changing your perspective, you change how circumstances affect you. Can this immediate inconvenience help me to learn and grow to become a better person in the future? Will this setback still cause you this much hurt and difficulty in a couple of weeks, months, or years?

Keeping your perspective on your life as a whole can prevent you from being dragged into a negative state, and allow you to cultivate more positivity.

How to Maintain a Positive Mindset

It is one thing to develop a positive mindset; it is another to maintain one. Life will continue to throw unexpected circumstances at you as long as you breathe.

So how do we maintain a positive mindset?

It is crucial to continue to practice having a positive perspective on things. Anytime you perform an activity that causes you joy, peace, love, gratitude, and self-acceptance, you are helping to maintain your positive mindset.

Find those things that help put you in a positive state and do them consistently.

It will train your brain to naturally feel happy even when you're not consciously trying to. Over time, positivity will become your baseline mindset, and it will take much less work to stay that way.

The important thing is to practice regularly, so you are continually checking in on your mindset. It could be through meditating, journaling, or speaking with a friend or coach who keeps you in line.

Whatever is your preferred method of self-reflection, ensure that you are staying aware of your thoughts so you can redirect them if they start to turn down a path that is less favorable to you.


Even if you're not in a state that you're in love with right now, one day you can be. It starts by consciously deciding to begin working towards the type of mindset you want to have.

With practice, it will become easier and more natural, and you will naturally live your life from positivity and love.

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Mia Fox
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