Create Your Own Happiness to Manifest Your Dreams Faster

When you feel low and unhappy, you create exactly that life, full of unhappy feelings. This can be an emotional block, one of the many abundance blocks that may prevent you from manifesting your dreams. The good news is that this also works the other way around!

Happy feelings will generate more happy feelings. So, let’s dive into how you can create your own happiness.

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Why Your Emotions Are Important When Manifesting

There is not much in life we should put more effort into than in creating happiness. Especially when you want to attract abundance and manifest the life you love, it all starts with acting as if… 

But you might ask, how can I create my own happiness, even when I feel sad or depressed?

Happiness is an inside job, not a feeling you get from outside influences. You are the boss of your emotions, and you can not only control how you feel but actually dictate your body’s reaction. So, creating your own happiness is pretty easy once you understand this.

For most people, happiness is a feeling that evolves as a reaction to something positive happening in their lives.

We tend to get this feeling from the outside world. But those positive events seem to be out of control for most of us. They seem to happen incidentally, so it feels like there is no way that we can control how we are feeling.

On the other hand, negative emotions can really drag us down deeper into a negative emotional state.

We all have had times when something doesn’t quite work out. For example, we get some bad news, and then more bad news, and even more bad news.

It’s like a downward spiral!

Something negative happens in our lives, and we feel bad about it. Then, more negative things come into our lives, and it just doesn’t stop.

And, of course, this is not the vibrational alignment you want to be in when manifesting.

But what when I tell you that you can change things around quickly with a very easy tactic that will help you create happiness (and elevate your vibrational alignment)?

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How Can You Be Happy When You Have Negative Emotions

First of all, it is essential to understand what these bad feelings do to us.

It’s not only that we lose precious time in our lives by being miserable, sad, or depressed; it also makes things worse and harder to come out of this misery. This can even do physical harm to you. Negative emotions often manifest as physical pains and even illness.

Did you know that actors who play stressful roles hurt their bodies in the same way as people who actually experience this kind of stress?

When an actor plays a character that is totally stressed out, they seriously risk their health and could even get some health problems, such as heart attacks. It makes you think, right?

This means that even if the circumstances are not as bad, they can still have a huge impact on one’s body.

And hey, we all know that we ladies tend to be a bit of drama queens. I’m definitely guilty here! So think twice the next time you feel stressed out about any situation.

But the good news is, it also works the other way around.

For example, there has been more than one research on this topic in conjunction with sports and fitness. In a study published in the Journal of Neurophysiology it was found that only imagining that you are doing exercise can tone muscles and make you stronger.

Well, if that is not a #lifehack, I don’t know what is.

This means that only imagining or acting as if is enough to create it in reality. It can be such a powerful tool if used the right way, don’t you think so?

But let’s move on to see what this would look like in practice…

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Negative Feelings Create Negative Circumstances

So, how can you change your emotions and start to feel good even when something negative happens to you? 

Actually, you can learn to control this by starting with one simple exercise, and you will soon realize it’s actually not that hard at all.

You just have to act as if!

Acting as if is a great manifestation technique. But for now, let’s only concentrate on how you can use this technique to change your emotional alignment and feelings.

So, how can you ‘act happy’ when it’s just not your day, or even worse, you are, in fact, very sad, depressed, stressed out…

First, think back to the last time you felt low. I mean REALLY low – when everything seemed dark, and it felt the way that the world would never be a happy place again.

We all have been there, maybe just because of some silly things that happened in our lives. (Sometimes feelings like this are really not rational and come out of the blue.)

But maybe the reason that made you feel so bad in the first place was more serious; maybe you just got some really bad news.

It doesn’t matter how bad things we experience in our life truly are; it is as bad as we experience them at that exact moment. That’s what is important right now, and that’s what creates our future.

But there is a simple exercise that you can implement in your life today. Just fake it!

Fake it until you make it. And this has absolutely nothing to do with lying about things or fooling everybody around you. It’s not fake; it’s only acting as if things are already here. That’s the law of attraction in practice.

So start today…

Every time you are unhappy or any little negative thought comes up, just fake your happiness. Of course, this tactic works with other parts of your life, too, but just start with happy feelings for now.

This is very powerful and so easy to implement.

Expert Tip: Try to ‘practice’ this with small things. You’ll probably have a really hard time when you try to implement this new strategy on days you get truly bad news or even when you suffer from depression.

But try to change your vibrational alignment when something small goes wrong. This way, you build up the belief that you are able to change your emotions. Soon, you can use this trick for more serious situations.

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When You Smile, Your Emotions Will Follow

Try it out right now. Just smile.

This is like a muscle that you train, and putting a smile on your face in any situation will become so much easier from time to time.

But that little smile on your face will change so much. Try it out. Smile for 1, 2, or maybe even 5 minutes. Even if you are sad right now, or perhaps just not in the mood to do it, try it.

Do this exercise every day. It’s a great way to reprogram your subconscious, and your subconscious mind loves repetition. So consistency is key.

Maybe it helps you to read something funny, or how about watching some silly cat videos?
Whatever will help you to bring a smile to your face will do the trick.

But maybe you feel so low that even the cutest kitten out there can’t help. Never mind. As I mentioned, you can also fake it—just make a smiley face.

Sure, this smile is just on the outside; it is fake. It will feel forced, probably even wrong. But still, your body will soon follow. And so will your mind.

When you smile, your body releases neurotransmitters such as endorphins, which are triggered by the movements of the muscles in your face. 

Endorphins have a similar effect as painkillers; they also bring you into a more relaxed state, and you probably guessed it right: they make you happier.

Try it out; how are you feeling after 5 minutes of having a false smile on your face? 

This “acted” happiness encourages the output of what we know best as the “happy hormones.” You will start to feel more comfortable after just a few minutes.

After a while, using this method, you will see your life turning around into a happier you.

I understand that for some people, this is a difficult exercise, even though it sounds so simple.

But it will form a habit over time. In the beginning, I would not try to use this method when you are feeling depressed right after some terrible news, for example. Give yourself some time.

However, to build the habit, there are two times in the day when this method is very effective. Just before going to sleep and right after waking up. Try it as a sort of ‘happiness meditation.’

Thing about this: You are in your bed, just before you fall asleep, the last thing you do is having a big smile on your face. Imagine the dreams you will have that night; imagine what the chemical reaction will be in your body overnight.

The same for the next day, the first 5 or 10 minutes of your day, you have a big smile on your face; how will you feel the rest of the day?

We all know the saying: “getting out of bed on the wrong side,” but what if you could actually take control of this? Even if you only faked it and tricked yourself into this state?

And believe me, once you form the habit of smiling every night and every morning, it will become so much easier to do so regularly during the day.

After a while, you’ll even be able to reverse the negative spiral when you are already in.

So don’t forget; only you can create your own happiness!

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P.S. Don’t forget, your subconscious mind believes what you send to it to be true. So it doesn’t matter if that subconscious trigger is ‘real’ in the first place.

Can you see how powerful this can be? And not only to create your own happiness but also to manifest big dreams.

One of the fastest way to trigger your subconscious is by taking action. And I can show you exactly how you do this when you join my free email list today (as a welcome gift, I’ll also send you my favorite guided meditation session.

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