Your Dreams and Goals Are Closer Than You Think

By Mia Fox
By Mia Fox

NLP Coach & Bestselling Manifestation Book Author

In all the years that I have worked with the wonderful women in my community, helping them to apply the Law of Attraction in their daily lives and manifest their greatest dreams, one thing has become clear to me: we are all too focused on the end-goal and dream.

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Of course, you should have big dreams and also achieve them (and you will, if you continue reading, I promise), but on the way there, we often don’t realize how much we have already achieved. So your goals are maybe just closer than you might think.

And even if you don’t want to believe it, on some days, every single step brings you closer to your dreams and goals. And if the way in front of you feels endless, or even unreachable, don’t stop working on your goals!


Keep Moving Forward – Just Trust the Process

Because every step, even those backward, are experiences you have to make to reach your final goal.

That’s why it’s so important to stop the negative self-talk in you.

And it is also crucial that you don’t let negative people around you pull you down.

People always have opinions, and mostly, they are wrong. Wrong because it is THEIR opinion and not yours. And that’s a very important point.

Because you alone decide what to do with a bad day, or how to handle a failure. You alone decide what you learn from it, how fast you go on, how you feel about it.

And hey mistakes are human, we all make mistakes, and bad days happen.

Manifesting is not linear; the path is often more like the rails of a rollercoaster. Or do you think that all successful people in this world got up one morning and said to themselves: “so, from today on I am rich, successful, healthy, happy…”? – and that’s how it happened?

Of course not.

We all started somewhere at some point. We all had (HAVE) our bad days, we all have to go a step backward, from time to time.

And life happens! You alone decide what you make of it.

Your BIG dream may arrive next month, next week, or even tomorrow. When you stop before you reach your dreams and goals, you will never fulfil in life.

You are maybe just one step away from reaching your goal, so why would you want to quit now?

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How to Keep Moving Forward (Even When S*** Hits the Fan)

No action = no results!

And taking action is and remains the most important factor that decides if and when you achieve your goals and dreams.

Wishful thinking has never made anyone rich (not even the lucky lottery winner).

And if you want to believe in something else, sorry, my dear, then you have landed on the wrong Law of Attraction blog (here you only get no-BS manifesting advice!)

The problem is if things don’t work as they should, or rather as we think they should, then we’re quickly demotivated, and that blocks us. That keeps us from acting and moving forward.

But this is where you need a strategy to help you move forward, even on days where you’re not 100% aligned with the universe, where you’re not in the vortex, where not everything feels like it’s effortless.

Moving forward is critical to reaching your dream, and I can help you to find ways to keep going each and every day.

And if you integrate these strategies into your everyday life, it will not only help you in “bad times.” It will signal to your subconscious mind, day in, day out, that you are clearly moving in the direction of your goals.

And your subconscious mind will do everything to get you there.

The universe has your back, and here I give you some tips on how to amplify that.

Make the Conscious Decision to Feel Better

I know this is easier said than done. But it is extremely important.

I have been in negative situations often, and not helping myself getting out there has held me back for a long time. For me, it was mainly my health situation, which I still do not have 100% under control and which often pulls me down.

But I learned to deal with “those days” and don’t let it stand in my way.

Believe me, staying too long in such a negative state makes absolutely nothing better — quite the opposite.

So there is no reason to stay there.

Decide consciously, when a day doesn’t go the way it should, that you won’t let it pull you down. Such days come, such days go.

A simple exercise is to remember past moments where you felt terrible about something that later disappeared into thin air.

And yes, we have all had such moments before:

  • The heartache that was suddenly gone after we fell in love again.


  • The job interview that we screwed up, just to find a much better job a few weeks later.


  • The worries we had about something that turned out to be totally unreasonable.


By the way, it also helps to write down such experiences, e.g., in your journal or on your mobile phone. So you have them handy whenever you need a little reminder.

Become Your Own Coach

I have already mentioned it above, to surround yourself with the right people is so valuable.

But the most important person in your life is YOU!

Not only because negative people can pull you down, when you have a bad day, when your courage lets you down, when you lose faith in your big dreams, then it is so important that you can get yourself out of these feelings fast.

And that is what my advanced manifesting method is teaching you to take control.

In my manifesting book, Become the CEO of Your Dream Life, I teach you how you can become your own manifesting coach.


Start a Manifesting Journal

Another important point is to keep a manifesting journal.

The power of a manifesting journal is very often underestimated.

It’s about reflecting on what you’ve already achieved. This is incredibly motivating on your way to your goal.

But not only that, see it as your safety net, for bad days, you can browse your manifesting journal and immediately see how far you’ve come.

Reaching Your Big Dreams Means Huge Life Changes

Remember that achieving your dreams and goals can totally change your life. Of course, we set ourselves goals that change our lives positively, but also positive changes often mean uncertainties.

And uncertainties, leaving our comfort zone, having to take big action steps is not always easy.

For example, many women in my community have the goal that they want to build a location independent business. But with this independence also comes the fact that many things can’t be foreseen and can no longer be planned as if every week the paycheque arrives.

But let me tell you something, if you’re willing to leave your comfort zone, you can experience an amazing and abundant life! A life full of prosperity, joy, and fun.

And full of everything you’ve always dreamed about.

You should absolutely embrace the changes that lead to the dream life you deserve. So it is important that you understand the value of change and accept it as it is.

So, keep taking steps forward toward your dreams and goals, and whenever you need some encouragement, support, inspiration, motivation… come to your new manifesting BFFs

The universe has your back! And I have your back….

Check out my manifesting book for an extra dose of help and motivation.

I’m Mia Fox, bestselling author, and the face behind this manifestation blog. After a decade as an NLP coach, helping women to overcome their abundance blocks, I decided to quit 1:1 coaching and founded the SelfMadeLadies online community. Here I help thousands of daily readers, wonderful women, just like YOU, to make the law of attraction work. And now it’s YOUR turn, are you ready?  Then get started and “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life” – grab your copy of my manifestation book here »

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