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Author, Money Mindset & Manifestation Coach

Almost everyone has a variety of beliefs when it comes to money. These are beliefs from our childhood, implanted by our parents or even teachers, and beliefs that we have acquired ourselves over the years. Thanks to our own experiences. Which unfortunately are not always positive.
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And these beliefs are often the reason why things don't go so well for this very topic.

Our belief system is a protective mechanism in our subconscious mind, which has taken on an important function at some early stage. Specifically, to protect us from stupid decisions, to evaluate what is right or wrong, or, even worse, to prevent us from making important decisions.

The problem with our beliefs is that they, once embedded in our subconscious mind, remain there and do not change much.

But mostly these beliefs are outdated, they were very much right when we adopted them, but our lives have changed, and we don't need them anymore.

Or maybe they were never " very useful " and actually wrong for us because we simply accepted them blindly from others.

Now we have to check whether we still need them and whether we can give up this subconscious programme.

Imagine you had struggled a bit with money at a young age.

I definitely did.

When I was 18, I got a credit card with a nearly criminal limit of over $10.000! That was a lot of money for me, back then, and more than I could pay back in an acceptable time-frame.

Besides, I had a big crush on a guy who lived in London. So I visited him, in my teenage carelessness. Paid flight, hotel, food with my credit card. And who would fly to London without going shopping? Right?

When the credit card bill arrived, long after I returned from this short trip, it hit me hard.

I had been struggling for a long time with the repayment of these debts and credit cards were a thing of the past. 

Ah, and if you're interested, this guy and I never got anywhere.

But anyway, for years I refused to order a new credit card. Thanks to this belief that credit cards are the seed of the devil. I would never have thought that I was just a stupid teenager with too many hormones in my blood, haha.

It took me a long time to break this belief, but I am glad I did. Today I have three credit cards.

They simplify my life, are useful for travel, business, etc. And sometimes they even helped me to manifest more money, but I like to tell you about it another time.


    Our conscious behavior influences only a tiny part, slightly more than 10%; the rest is controlled by our subconscious.

    These beliefs just sneak into our lives through our education but also our own experiences. There is even a whole collection of sayings, shaped by beliefs around money. But whose beliefs are these, and why should we accept them?

    We should not!

    Neither the (negative) beliefs that our parents taught us nor the beliefs that our old self-taught us are useful in any way. They are to 99% wrong.

    For example, it may be true for my parents that they have to work hard for their money. It really was that way all their lives, and maybe it would have been different if they had changed their beliefs.

    For me, that's not true. I had a job once where I brought home a 6 figure income and spent the whole day sitting in the office doing private things like watching youtube videos and reading books.

    It was the worst and most boring job I have ever had, but hey, that I had to work hard for the money, I really wouldn't say.


      So think about what beliefs you have about money and write these down.

      If you can' t think of any, ask people around you. My husband, for example, often knows my beliefs much better than I do — especially the negative ones.

      They usually come to light (from our subconscious mind) when we are in a bad state when we are feeling a bit desperate or angry (e.g., arguing with someone).

      Outside of these situations, we are very skilled at either ignoring or overlooking these beliefs.

      When you had written them all down, go through them one by one and ask this questions:

      • Does the belief have a positive or negative effect on your money mindset?
      • Where does this belief come from?
      • Is this belief really helpful?

      It will quickly become clear which beliefs are poison for a healthy money mindset.

      These are of course all those who have a negative effect, and almost always those which we have inherited from other people or still drag along from our former self.

      The problem with beliefs is that they are very difficult to eliminate. It is much easier to reprogram your belief system. This "becoming aware" of them is already the first step.

      By already recognizing that a belief is wrong, we have also almost changed it. Now we give it a new form, we rephrase it and make it aware to us every day until it has burned itself into our subconsciousness.

      The next time a situation brings up this belief again, the right one, the new version, so to speak, will emerge from the subconscious mind.

      The whole thing is really just a question of training.

      Here are a few ideas on how to burn these new and changed beliefs into your subconscious mind:

      • through affirmations
      • you write them every day in your journal
      • you talk about it a lot
      • you write them down and hang them on your vision board

      Of course, these are only a few ways, of how you can turn your new beliefs to your advantage. You can let your creativity run free here; they are your beliefs after all.

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