How to Manifest Before Bed & Even While You Sleep

Since we all manifest 24/7 – consciously or unconsciously, it’s actually possible to manifest while you sleep. (So how cool is that?) While manifestation is a lot about taking action, and action-based manifestation is what I teach in my book, the law of attraction is also based on the fact that like attracts like.

This means that you have to get vibrational aligned with your goals, and you do so by reprogramming your subconscious mind. That’s really how manifestation works. And that’s something you can do in your sleep with the right bedtime routine.

Learn in this post five things you should do in your evening routine to manifest before bed.

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How to Manifest While You Sleep

So there are many things you can do that will help you to be in a manifesting state at night. Because your subconscious will not sleep. It will work for you in the background, all night long.

And I don’t say that manifesting while you sleep will magically attract your dream life overnight. Just to make this clear. You can’t just hit the pillow and then get up the next day, with your soul-mate next to you, a lot of money in your bank account, or suddenly looking like a fitness model.

And I know there are people on the internet claiming this, like with the pillow manifestation method. I think that’s a lot of B.S. (And if you like to know why I believe this or what manifestation techniques really work, I suggest you check out my guide on the best manifestation methods.)

But there are a few things you can do while you sleep that will help you manifest your goals faster. And they are all activities you should do just before bed.

I love my morning routine and suggest having a daily manifestation routine for all my readers and clients. But by having a law of attraction bedtime routine, you can set yourself up for success the next day.

If you do these five things before going to bed, your vibration will be higher; that’s guaranteed!

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Use Positive Affirmations Before Bed

Writing down some positive affirmations right before bed is a great activity. It will prime your subconscious mind to accept these affirmative statements as your new reality. And then it will search for a way to get you there.

It’s not that you suddenly wake up with a new life, but with a better outlook on life and the inner urge to take inspired actions.

That’s your subconscious talking to you right there.

You can create a list of affirmations that are personal and powerful to you. If you want to learn how to write your own affirmations, check out my guide on manifestation affirmations.

But you can also use the one I created for you, here from my list with 101 positive affirmations, for every area of your life.

If you repeat your affirmations every evening before bed, soon, your subconscious mind will accept them as your new reality, and your inner beliefs will mirror your outer experience. You’ll see.

And that’s really how the law of attraction works.

Use Guided Meditations to Elevate Your Vibrations

Meditation is also great right before bed. Taking time to focus on the present moment and slow down your brain can loosen up the body and allow you to release some trauma from the day.

This can help you to sleep better and to wake up in a better emotional state, ready to take action on your goals. And there is no faster way to manifest your desires.

You can try mindfulness meditations, where you focus on your breathing for a few minutes. But my favorites are manifestation meditations. These are pre-recorded meditations, usually around a specific topic, and they work directly on your subconscious mind.

You can listen to them in the morning, throughout the day, but they work amazingly well when done just before you fall asleep.

Why? Because the suggestions made in these guided meditations are like talking directly to your subconscious. Giving it instructions to transform.

I have a little surprise for you. You can here download my favorite guided meditation session. This will help you to attract more abundance into your life while you sleep.

Just sign up here – and I’ll send it to your inbox in the next 5 minutes, so you can actually test it out before you go to bed tonight.

Keep a Manifestation Journal

Journaling is another tool I use every day.

I love it for my reflection work, and when you use it at night, it’s great to let go of unhelpful emotions and thoughts – right before bed. Writing your thoughts out on paper can help you gain perspective and see things for the way they are instead of ruminating in your mind.

Ultimately you will sleep better and create a better space in your mind to actually have positive and abundance promoting thoughts.

But not only that, there are several manifestation journaling exercises that can help you prime your subconscious throughout the night. Try to use scripting manifestation right before bed, just as an example.

Future scripting means that you write your goals in the present tense, and like a little story, as if all this is already yours. That’s another powerful way to guide your subconscious doing its job (while you actually have some sweet dreams.)

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Practice Gratitude Right before You Hit The Pillow

What you want to avoid is going to sleep in a poor emotional state. You do not want to carry negative emotions into dreamland.

Instead, you want to drift to sleep, feeling light and hopeful.

The most effective way to elevate your emotional state is by practicing gratitude.

You could think about specific things or people that you are thankful for, or you could add a gratitude list to your journaling time.

Gratitude is proven to create more balance in the body, leaving you more relaxed and at ease. It also switches your reticular activation system into positivity mode. A perfect state to attract your dreams while you sleep.

If you want some ideas on how to practice more gratitude, read my post on the power of gratitude for manifestation.

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Set Your Intensions for the Next Day

By setting your intentions and deciding what kind of day you want to have the next day, your mind will be primed to expect the good things you want to attract.

Don’t just concentrate on your manifestation goals; concentrate on a strong WHY behind the goals.

By thinking about the emotions you want to feel the following day, you are opening your heart and mind up to possibilities and hope. These are high vibration states that will allow you to manifest faster.

Keep Up the High Vibes All Day Long

Don’t forget; manifestation is not a quick fix or a magic trick that brings your big dreams into your life overnight. This is a journey, and when you start to enjoy the ride, you will attract abundance on an entirely new level.

This, Gorgeous, I can guarantee you! This didn’t just work for me; in the last decade, I have helped so many wonderful souls to transform their lives.

To keep up the great vibes and manifest throughout the day, you can just use the same tools in your morning routine again. Also, don’t forget that the key factor of manifestation is inspired action. You should set aside time every day where you actively work towards your goals.

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