How To Set Manifestation Anchors (Plus 5 Anchoring Ideas)

The NLP anchoring technique is a great way to speed up your manifestations. It’s one manifestation method I use regularly, and I helped many of my students with this powerful tool.

That’s why today, I love to share with you how you can use NLP anchoring in your daily routine, including five manifestation anchor ideas, to attract more abundance instantly.


  • NLP anchors can be anything (a word, body part, object…) that you can use as a “reminder” of how you want to feel or to remind you of your manifestation goals.

  • You set them by getting in the desired state and then using them (or touching them); once they are set, you can recall the desired state at any time.

What Are Manifestation Anchors & Why Are They So Powerful When Manifesting

So let’s have a look at what NLP anchors actually are and how they can help you manifest your big dreams and goals.

Anchors are a manifestation method that helps you to create a stimulus-response pattern that lets you always feel the way you want to feel once you use the set anchor.

When using them as manifestation anchors, they are small “reminders” telling you that you have already reached your goal.

In the manifestation process, it is crucial that you put yourself in the feeling that you have already reached your goal. This is how you get emotionally aligned with your dream.

It’s also called the Act As If Technique.

But it’s sometimes easier said than done. Think of the days when you open your mailbox, and it is full of bills, or you get up in the morning with a headache, but instead of being able to rest in bed all day, you have one meeting after the next.

Or your children wake you up at half-past five, and instead of meditating in your morning routine, you have to deal with dirty nappies…

Listen, lovely; we’ve all been there. In these situations, being entirely in vibration, aligned with the universe, and convinced that YOU ARE super-rich, healthy and relaxed isn’t always easy.

But that’s exactly where anchoring can help with manifesting. They can help, whenever necessary, to bring you back into the vibration of manifestation.

I don’t say you have to be high-vibe 24/7 to manifest successfully, but being in alignment with your desire is still important.

An excellent example of this is a job interview. Most people are nervous and stressed before such an event, but the best results you can achieve are when you are relaxed and natural.

And that’s where NLP anchors can help you. It can bring you back into this relaxed and natural state you were in when you did set the anchor. Far from a nervous state, you are most likely in, right before a job interview.

Fun Story: My husband Tom did once set me a laughing anchor, and now he can just tell me a particular word, and I have to laugh out loud. I can’t help, and it even works even when I’m mad at him.

So you see how this can be very powerful in the manifestation process; you can set anchors that keep reminding you that you have (already) achieved this one goal you desire.

I call this the flow state. In the movie The Secret, they talk about believing that you receive what you desire and get into a positive vibration. Abraham Hicks, for example, speaks of it as the vortex.

But let’s face it, nobody can always be positive. But that’s not what it’s all about; it’s about you bringing yourself very quickly out of negative situations and getting yourself back into a positive state when you need/want to.

So setting yourself an anchor, just like a reminder, can help you to get back into “vibration” all day long, whatever happens, that day.

a woman holding crystal hearts in her hands that she uses as manifestation anchors

How to Set Manifestation Anchors

Now that you understand how NLP anchoring works and why this is such a powerful manifestation tool, let’s get right into setting your own anchor.

You can use anything as an anchor, such as:

  • A body part (like touching your knee or the hand).
  • An object (such as a key ring or a photograph).
  • A digital asset (such as a manifestation lock screen on your phone or the password on your laptop).
  • A word (a specific word you say to yourself).

Once you have chosen what you want to use to set your manifestation anchor, you can follow the process to “activate it.”

This is how you set an Anchor for yourself:

1. Get into your desired state: Visualize how you want to feel and tap deep into this emotional level.

Some people can get easier into that state when they meditate first. Or you can listen to a guided meditation and then start the process. (PS. click here to get my favorite guided meditation session for free.)

2. Now, use (or touch) the anchor at the moment you are deeply in the desired state.

3. Then break that state. (For example, get up and walk around.)

4. Now, use the anchor to test it. Does it bring you back to the desired state? If not, just repeat as many times as needed until the anchor is fully set.

That’s how you set an anchor in a few easy steps that can bring you instantly back into the desired state, for example, into a good mood, motivated, high-vibe, believing in yourself. You decide what emotional level aligns the best with what you want to achieve.

To strengthen your manifestation process with anchoring, you can try out different ways to set yourself an anchor and see what works best for you. Here are a few more ideas.

Set an Anchor When You Are in the Right Vibration

If you struggle to get yourself to the right emotional frequency right now, you can also wait until you are in such a state the next time.

You know, these days where just everything works for you, where you get super great news, where you have experienced something incredibly beautiful, the days where you are just in the flow.

For example, I did set myself such an anchor on my birthday when I was on Maui.

It was a wonderful day I spent with my hubby upcountry, and then we went back to our hotel for some Sushi in my favorite restaurant, with the most magnificent sunset of my life.

beautiful sunset in maui

(Btw. Thank you, universe, for this beautiful birthday gift!)

I walked up to the beach and set myself a big goal for the coming year, and this picture here is my anchor for it:

Set an Anchor During Your Goal-Setting Process

When you set your goals, you are usually in a very positive and motivated state; this is exactly what we want to achieve when you later use your anchor.

You can assign a specific anchor to each of your goals or use a superior anchor that will always bring you back into vibration when needed.

Manifestation Expert Tip: Don’t overthink the process. It’s more about the good feelings than finding that perfect anchor. You can always change them, and you will need to reset them from time to time and make them strong again.

5 Manifestation Anchor Examples

As I said above, anything can be an anchor. You just need something that reminds your subconscious back to the state or emotion your want to experience. That’s all.

But here are my top 5 ideas for manifestation anchors for you to get inspired:

Anchor 1 –  A Picture

We, humans, are very visually oriented, and the brain can take up and process a lot of information from an image in a very short time. This certainly explains why a vision board is such a popular and powerful manifestation method.

Be creative; you can use the picture as a screensaver or on the lock screen of your mobile phone, hang it on the fridge or another place where you often look at.

I have my biggest goals as pictures on the first page of my journal, this way, I see them every morning and evening, and every new journal gets a kind of theme.

As an anchor, however, you can also choose something more symbolic than your actual goal or dream.

A symbolic image that takes you back to a situation where you were totally aligned with your dream, where you felt incredibly relaxed, where you were just in the flow.

Like that picture of the sunset in Maui.

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Anchor 2 – Send Emails to Yourself

Many years ago, I discovered a service that finally helped me to remember all my appointments.

I was able to send myself emails as reminders for specific events at any time in the future. Meanwhile, almost every calendar, including Google Calendar, has this function, I know. But it felt super innovative at the time…

What helped me to keep up with my appointments, despite having ADHD, can be super helpful when used as a manifesting anchor.

You can’t use this anchor exactly when you need it, but think about how powerful it can be when you get an email every day that reminds you that you’re on the right track and that you’ve already reached your big goals.

How about adding a quote or sending yourself a link to an inspiring article, video, song, etc.? This could really help you with the motivational part too.

Take Action: Want me to remind you about your goals by sending you uplifting emails with manifestation tips? Then sign up here. As a little welcome gift, I’ll send you my guided meditations session.

Anchor 3 – A Perfume or Scented Oil

Surely you know that feeling when you enter a room and it smells like something; you can’t even describe what it actually smells like, but it immediately reminds you of a place or a situation where you felt comfortable. And instantly you feel happy.

You can actually consciously recall this state.

Take a perfume or scented oil. There are also these essences in little roll-on sticks, which fit in every handbag.

Now all you have to do is set an anchor. Relax; it’s best to close your eyes. Now visualize your goal or the desired state, then make the picture really strong and big. Concentrate on the good feeling that you have because you have reached this goal.

Now smell the scent you have chosen for yourself. Once you have set this anchor, this can be an excellent tool for your daily manifestation process. Wear this scent every day, or use it when you need an extra mindset boost.

a woman holding a cup of tea

Anchor 4 – A Cup

Anchors are super powerful when used in a daily ritual. Think how great it would be to have something that puts you in the right mindset first thing every morning.

Of course, I have my morning routine for that and my gratitude journal, but are we honest with ourselves? Do we really manage to do that every day, seven days a week, no matter what?

(I confess that I do skip it from time to time.)

But something is for sure; my morning cup of tea is a must. I would not start whatever I had planned that day without.

Buy yourself a cute cup, and you can bring yourself every morning in the desired flow with your dreams and goals while enjoying a cuppa of whatever you like (are you a tea or coffee person?)

Anchor 5 – A Movie

About 20 years ago, I worked in a film production company, one of the most exciting jobs I’ve ever had. Most of the time, I had to read scripts that aspiring screenwriters sent to us in the hope that we would produce them.

I then had to decide which of them ended up on the producer’s desk.

Unfortunately, only very few of them made it to the screen. But no matter how good a script is, only with the right film director, actors, music, and above all, the right stage design and lighting it becomes a real piece of art.

A movie can trigger a whole flood of emotions in the viewer, and I think every one of us has a ” favorite movie ” or a movie that has a big meaning for us.

Choosing a movie as a manifesting anchor may not be practical in everyday life, but if you can take the time to watch this film, it certainly has a very strong effect on a deep emotional level.

And if you are not into movies, how about a song?

Choose Your Personal Manifesting Anchor

This list of ideas on how to use anchors in your manifesting process is just a few ideas as inspiration. Basically, there are no rules on what a manifestation anchor should look like.

It can be a word or sentence, a touch, a particular object, or a place; it is about the feeling that you are connecting to the anchor, not about the anchor itself.

To choose a good manifesting anchor, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this manifesting anchor something personal?
  • Does this manifesting anchor trigger the right feelings in me?
  • Is this manifestation anchor practical and easy for me to use?
  • Can I use this anchor in everyday life or exactly when I need it?

I like to have a mix of several anchors, which I use depending on the situation. But keep the whole thing manageable, not that you need to set an anchor that reminds you to use your manifesting anchor.

Ok, I’m just kidding, but I believe that less is more. A small number of solid anchors will undoubtedly help you and skyrocket your manifestations.

signature saying xo mia fox

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