How Anchors Can Help You With Manifesting

By Mia Fox

Author, Money Mindset & Manifestation Coach

Anchoring is one of the NLP tools that I find most effective when applied to the process of manifesting. I have already helped many of my clients in 1-2-1 coaching with this Law of Attraction / NLP tool and wanted to share with you how you can integrate anchors into your daily manifestation process.
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So how can anchors help to manifest? NLP anchors help you to create a stimulus response pattern so that you can always feel the way you want or need to feel. For example, if you have a difficult situation in front of you and you want to put yourself in a relaxed state.

When using the Law of Attraction to manifest your desired goals, this can help, whenever necessary, to bring you back into the vibration of manifestation. Put simply; these are small "reminders", telling you, that you have already reached your goal. 

    When you want to manifest your dreams, it is crucial that you put yourself in the feeling that you have already reached your goal and that you feel good.

    But this is sometimes easier said than done.

    Think of the days when you open your mailbox and it is full of bills, or you get up in the morning with a headache, but instead of being able to rest in bed all day, you have one meeting after the other. Or your children wake you up at half-past five and instead of meditating in your morning routine you have to deal with dirty nappies...

    Oh girl, we've all been there, and in these situations, being entirely in vibration and aligned with the universe, and totally convinced that you're super rich, healthy and relaxed, isn't always easy. But that's exactly where anchoring can help with manifesting.

    So let's dive a little deeper into this powerful law of attraction tool.

    Why Are Anchors so Powerful for the Manifestation Process?

    As mentioned above, NLP anchors are there to put you in the desired state in any situation.

    An excellent example of this is a job interview. Most people are nervous and stressed before such an event, but the best results you can achieve when you are relaxed and natural.

    And here can an anchor help you. It can bring you into this relaxed and natural state.

    Actually, you can even do funny things with it, my husband Tom did set me a laughing anchor, and now he can just tell me a particular word, and I have to laugh. I can't help, it works even when I'm mad at him.

    In the manifestation process, this can be very powerful! You can set anchors that keep reminding you that you have (already) achieved this one goal you desire.

    If you know "The Secret," you most likely know that you should believe in receiving and get into a positive vibration.

    Abraham Hicks, for example, speaks of it as the vortex.

    But let's face it, nobody can always be positive. But that's not what it's all about; it's about you bringing yourself very quickly out of negative situations and getting yourself back into a positive state.

    So setting yourself an anchor, just like a reminder, can help you to get back into "vibration" all day long, whatever happens, that day.

    Denise Duffield-Thomas from has given a great example. If you know Denise and her work as a Money Mindset Coach, you might know that she often wins in competitions. So she once manifested six months of paid dream vacation as a honeymoon location tester (yes, she is really a lucky b****).

    She talked about changing her password on her laptop to "lucky winner" or something like that. And the name of her husband, on the cell phone, she changed to co-winner. So every time he called, she was reminded again that she had won this competition.

    This story is a wonderful example of how anchors can help you with manifesting.

    Examples of How You Can Use Anchoring to Manifest Your Goals

    The examples of how Denise used anchors to manifest her goal are definitely something you should try out. But let's get a little more creative and look for other ideas on how anchors can be integrated into your daily manifesting process and how you can use this powerful law of attraction tool in your daily life.

    Use a Picture of Your Desired Goal

    An image of your goal, or a picture that symbolizes your desired goal, is probably one of the strongest methods to anchor. We, humans, are usually very visually driven and to keep a picture in front of you all the time is of course very effective. This is also the reason why vision boards work so well.

    Be creative; you can use the picture as a screensaver or in the lock screen of your mobile phone, hang it on the fridge or another place where you often look at. I have my biggest goals as pictures on the first page of my journal, this way I see them every morning and evening, and every new journal gets a kind of theme.

    Use an Object As an Anchor

    No matter if it is in your office, your kitchen, your car, choose a place where you often spend time and take an object as an anchor in this room.

    Maybe you have a small piece of art or a souvenir from a beautiful trip? I collect, e.g. Tiki Mugs and I have mugs from all over the world, for me these are anchors that always remind me that I can travel a lot, one of my life's goals that I have already achieved.

    Use a Lovely Keyring Pendant As an Anchor

    Use a key tag as an anchor that you always have with you when you're out and about.

    Like an object in your home or office, a unique key holder can remind you of what you have manifested and will keep you in vibration.

    The chances are very big that you always have your key with you when you are not at home, so you always have your anchor with you. And maybe this will even help you never to forget your keys again.

    Use a Specific Word as Anchor

    You can use a word as an anchor in two ways. Be it as an affirmation that you say to yourself or as a word that someone else can say to bring you back into the right vibration.

    This is a more active kind of anchor where the other examples are more "passive reminders". But using a specific word or phrase as an anchor can also be very powerful.

    I told you how my husband did set a laughing anchor for me. You can set such an anchor together with your partner, a friend or your mentor or coach so that this person can bring you back into a positive state at any time if necessary.

    How to Set Manifesting Anchors

    In NLP coaching, setting an anchor with your clients works as follows:

    1. Have the person access the desired state.
    2. Now use the anchor at the moment the person is in the desired state.
    3. Then break that state.
    4. Now use the anchor to test.

    Sometimes you need to repeat the process until the anchor is fully set.

    To strengthen your manifestation process with anchoring, you can try out different ways to set yourself an anchor and see what works best for you.

    Set an Anchor During Your Goal-Setting Process

    When you set your goals you are usually in a very positive and motivated state, this is exactly what we want to achieve when you later use your anchor.

    You can assign a specific anchor to each of your goals or use a superior anchor that will always bring you back into vibration when needed.

    Set an Anchor When You Are in the Right Vibration

    To put you back into the state, later on, it makes sense to use this moment of absolute satisfaction to set an anchor for yourself. The days where just everything works for you, where you get super great news, where you have experienced something incredibly beautiful, the days where you are just in the vortex! Happy and invincible.

    For example, I had set myself such an anchor on my last birthday when I was on Maui. I probably experienced the most magnificent sunset of my life. (Thank you universe for this beautiful birthday gift!) I walked to the beach and had set myself a big goal for the coming year, and this picture here is my anchor for it:

    Maui Sunset Hawaii - Manifesting with the LoA

    Use Visualizations to Set an Anchor

    Of course, you can also anchor yourself at any time and spontaneously. This may be more difficult at the beginning, but with some practice, you will surely have a lot of success with it, after a while.

    Actually, it works like the last point, but you can use any visualization technique to put yourself in the desired state. In this post here, design your dream life now, I describe step by step how you can visualize your dream life or your desired goal.

    Now you simply have to set your anchor as soon as you are in the right state.

    ⇒ Expert Tip: Whatever method you choose, don't overcomplicate the process. Never forget; it is all about you feeling good!

    Use EFT Tapping to Make Your Anchors More Powerful

    Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, is similar to acupuncture or acupressure on an emotional level.

    This method can help to remove negative feelings, reduce pain or cravings, but it can also be used to anchor positive feelings or goals.

    Tapping is therefore very popular with many people who actively use manifestation and the law of attraction.

    Tapping is an excellent tool to set and strengthen anchors for your manifestations.

    Here is a  article I wrote about tapping: EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping and the Law of Attraction

    Other Law of Attraction Tools That Help to Boost Your Manifestations

    Anchoring is a law of attraction tool that I very often recommend enhancing the manifestation process, but there are other LoA tools you can use.

    Here is an overview of my favorite LoA Tools:


    This technique can not only help you to put yourself in the right state to set an anchor, but it is also extremely powerful when it comes to manifesting your goals.

    Visualization has been used for a long time wherever people need to achieve big goals, e.g., in sports training.

    Russian scientists, for example, have done a study where they have tested Olympic athletes, one group has actually completed the physical training, the other groups have "only" imagined the exercise to a certain extent:

    • 2nd group: 75% physical training and 25% visualized training
    • 3rd group: 50% physical training, 50% visualized training
    • 4th group: 25% physical training, 75% visualized training

    Excitingly, the 4th group performed best.

    Vision Board

    You can also use a Vision Board as an anchor, the pictures on it can always bring you back to the desired state.

    A Vision Board is really a daily reminder for all your small and big goals. But also use your vision board actively, in this post here, How to Make a Vision Board That Really Works (in 5 Simple Steps), I describe how you can design your perfect vision board and use it to do your visualization exercise.


    Journaling is one of my favorite manifesting tools. I journal every day, for many years, and it is an integral part of my morning routine but also my bedtime routine.

    I write in my journal what I am grateful for and I formulate my goals as if this were already my life... and these goals become my life.

    You can learn more about journaling to manifest here » How to Journal for Manifesting Success


    Affirmations are also great to support your manifestations process. However, it took me a long time to formulate affirmations to work for me.

    If you want to know how I did it, read my post here: "How to Create Affirmations That Actually Work for You"

    Meditation & Hypnosis

    Meditation can support you in manifesting, in a way that you find your inner peace but, more importantly, you become more receptive to the so-called "signs of the universe."

    So this way you will know when you need to take action.

    Hypnosis is also beneficial in manifesting, this works at a profound level, adequately applied you can re-program your subconscious mind with hypnosis and change your beliefs.

    If you want to understand how the reprogramming of your subconscious mind works, I recommend this post here: "How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind"

    You see, anchoring is just one of many law of attraction tools that can help you manifest. It is best to use a mix of the different LoA tools if you want to design your dream life.

    If you want to learn more about manifesting tools, grab your copy of my manifesting playbook here!

    One chapter is dedicated to all the LoA tools, and the entire books is a great hands-on guide to the Law of Attraction.


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