How to Create Affirmations That Actually Work for You

By Mia Fox

Author, Money Mindset & Manifestation Coach

Affirmation is a big word in the Law of Attraction community. Sure it is a powerful manifestation tool, but honestly, it took me a long time to actually find out how affirmation really work. That's why I decided to write this post.

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So, how can you create affirmations that do work for you? Affirmations need to trigger the right emotions. Telling yourself something, that you can't believe or don't trigger good feeling, will just not work. 

Affirmations are an amazing way of reprogramming your subconscious mind and help you to change your beliefs on a subliminal level. 

The subconscious mind is overruling all consciously made decisions. It is filtering out what part of the world you see. And whatnot. That is, why two people at the same time at the same place can have entirely different experiences.

So it better be programmed the way, that we see, attract and get what we want in life. Don’t you agree? Keep reading and I show you how you can create affirmation that actually work for you (and not against you).

What Are Affirmations? And How Do Affirmation Work?

Your whole life and every aspect of it is designed to fit the programming of your belief system. If your belief is, that rich people are evil, then this is a fact for your subconscious mind, and it does everything it can, to prove this point.

If you believe, that all men are egoistic and there is no such thing as a happy relationship, your subconscious mind let you experience all the possible evidence in your life to prove exactly this.

It’s not magically generating things and circumstances. It is just selectively deciding what information it’s filtering out, and what things and circumstances it lets you experience.

It’s simple biology.

How the subconscious mind works, is a fascinating topic in itself. The good thing is, your subconscious mind believes everything that you will tell it. That means you can change its program and adapt it to your needs.

Because that's exactly how you might have built up a negative belief in the past.

Someone else (maybe your parents, teachers or someone you have looked up to) has told you "his" reality of things, and you have seen it as "the truth" and stored it that way in your subconscious mind.

Or maybe you were guilty yourself? Something didn't work the way it should, maybe 2-3 times in a row, and you stored it as a "given fact" in your subconscious.

Good news, girl! You can totally change the whole thing around. No, you're not doomed!

It's hard to forget a negative belief just like that, I have described it quite well here in this post "Change Your Beliefs to Become Rich", but you can easily reformulate these negative beliefs and make them a new "truth" and believe it.

And affirmations are a great tool to do this.

Affirmations are very powerful to guide your thinking and your life in the right direction, in the direction YOU choose.

They show your subconscious mind what you want and where you want to go.

Typically, affirmations should follow these rules:
● Stated in the present tense.
● Started with “I am.”
● Stated in a positive way.
And when you want to bring your affirmations to the next level, you should also include the following rules:
● Make them very specific, but try to keep them short.
● Include an action word ending with -ing.
● Include words that trigger some emotions.
It is important to understand that Affirmations need to trigger the right emotions. Telling yourself something that you can't believe or words that don't trigger a truly good feeling will just not work.

The thing with affirmations is, that we state all the stuff we are not (yet), and we do not have (yet).

At least, this was the fact in my case. And I guess it’s the nature of why we all use affirmations in the first place because we want something we don’t (yet) have.

    Do Affirmation Really Work?

    In case you are not new to the concept of affirmations, you probably heard that before: “for affirmation, to do their magic, you should write them down and read them to yourself multiple times during the day while you feel the emotion you would feel once achieved the single point.”

    For me, this never worked. It felt wrong to say out loud I am a Millionaire while struggling to get food on the table.

    The results were as expected.

    No dollar bills falling from the sky! Sh**

      What To Change That Affirmation Will Work

      They finally started to work when I began affirming things which I really could believe in. So I changed my approach.

      From something which felt like lying to myself, to articulating my true expectations I had on life. It was as if I had thrown a torch into a fireworks plant! My life exploded in the brightest colors!

      Ok, that is perhaps a bit exaggerated, to manifest your dream life you need a bit more.  But it was just crazy what huge impact that small change had.

      I still clearly focused on my desired endpoint. But I started from the situation I actually experienced at the moment.

      That was putting my whole affirmation on a solid, stable, healthy base. The old, standard way, my affirmations felt like a poorly anchored tent in a storm. Unstable and blown away from the first little wind.

      Affirmations that I was actually able to believe in, suddenly felt like an old castle. Strong, indomitable, built to last a thousand years.

      So I changed the wording of my affirmation, like in the following examples.

      From a weak:

      • I have a sexy body

      To a strong:

      • I am working on my dream body now. I’m so grateful for my body, and that I still have some potential to make it stronger, fitter, sexier... I have a plan of how to change things and improve, and I will do whatever it takes.

      From a weak

      • I am filthy rich

      To a strong:

      • I might be in a different situation right now, but I am developing and changing my life right now! I am collecting the tools I need, the helpful people I need and the motivation I need to become a Millionaire in no time. It feels great to change, and it will feel even better once achieved.

      From a weak:

      • I have my dream partner

      To a strong:

      • I am single now, and I am happy with it.  I enjoy my single life because very soon, my dream partner will come into my life and we will have a great, loving relationship until the end of our days. I’m happy because I can experience the wonderful feeling of falling in love.

      That worked for me very well. I can believe my affirmations when I articulate them like this. They are implemented in my subconsciousness much deeper than the classic ones.

      And the other benefit is, that I am repeating my goals every time I read them to myself and my motivation stays super high constantly.

      So I started to teach this to my coaching clients, and I got amazing feedback.

      How to Use Affirmations in Your Daily Manifesting Routine

      You can use affirmations in different stages of the manifesting process. For example, you can stick your affirmative statements on your vision board, you can record yourself and listen to your affirmations, or you can speak them out loud.

      Using affirmations in the manifesting process and to level up the law of attraction, is gaining more and more popularity. And one method people love to talk right now is the 55x5 manifesting method.

      And even if other bloggers and law of attraction teachers are talking about the most powerful manifestation technique, or even call it an ancient manifesting ritual, let's be honest; it's just about writing down your affirmations 55 times, in 5 days.

      I myself think this is a bit over the top and I think there' s a way you can make better use of your time, read here if you are interested:

      » The 55×5 Manifesting Formula May Be a Waste of Time (and What You Should Do Instead)

      But hey, if you really love affirmations, try the 55x5 manifesting formula. I love to hear your results!

        How Can You Change Your Belief System With Affirmations

        It is pretty easy.

        All you need is clear goals. You need to know where you want to be in life; this directs you where you have to go. Proper goals are the fuel which makes your machine working.

        Then you come up with positive, strong and honest descriptions of your situation and create your affirmations from there.

        Of course, you can tell yourself that you already “be there”, “have this”, “look like” but you need to be able to believe this and trust in your own words.

        Otherwise, they will be worth nothing and most likely filtered out before they can ever reach your subconscious mind.

        To make this more powerful, you need to read your affirmations out loud. Several times a day.

        I would not recommend doing this in public transport, btw. Funny story, I like to record my affirmation on my phone and listen to them several times a day.

        One day I was sitting on a train and did listen to them, my eyes closed, fully in the vibration of the universe, when suddenly my headphones stopped working, and my phone switched to speakers.

        I entertained the whole train with how damn sexy I am (not yet…)

        Today I can laugh about it but believe me, at that moment, I just wanted to sink into the earth out of shame.

        So I suggest, finding yourself a quiet place where you can’t be disturbed, and use your affirmation as often as you can during your day!

        And then, you react on the impulses; your subconscious mind will give you. To learn more about the Law of Attraction, you should read "Become the CEO of Your Dream Life", my manifesting playbook for women!

        Are You ready to rock your Affirmations? Amazing, and don't forget to have fun with it!


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