How to Manifest Love With Action-Based Manifestation

Since I manifested my husband, the love of my life, manifesting love is a topic I love to write about a lot. In this blog post, I explain step by step how you can use my action-based manifestation method to achieve your love goals.

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Step 1: Identify Your Major Love Blocks & Limiting Beliefs Around Manifesting Love

Many manifestation coaches typically follow the steps outlined in ‘The Secret’—ask, believe, receive—meaning they start with setting goals.

However, in my action-based manifestation method, I take a different approach. We begin by identifying and addressing the major love blocks first.

When aiming to manifest significant dreams, it’s crucial to set ambitious goals. However, major blocks could stop you from ‘reaching for the stars.’

Therefore, before setting big goals, it’s essential to address potential blocks and limiting beliefs.

Don’t worry. This is not about achieving perfection or overcoming all your love blocks; it’s primarily about raising awareness.

Setting the right goals and taking action will naturally help you overcome the limiting beliefs you hold around manifesting your soulmate. But this can only happen once you’ve identified them.

Here are a few tips on how you can identify your manifestation blocks through reflection exercises:

  • Journal about your love goals and desires, and observe any resistance or obstacles that arise during the process. Document everything, and consider doing this exercise over a few days.

    I would focus on the kind of relationship I like to have and how my dream partner would make me feel.
  • Try meditation to become more aware of any subconscious beliefs that hold you back from finding true love. Reflect on past relationships or situations where you were dating or looking for a partner. Do this just before beginning your meditation.
  • Talk to a good friend who has known you for a long time. Ask how they see you and what they think about why you are still single or unhappy with your current partner.

    When it comes to manifesting love, it’s all very emotional. And that could be the reason that you are having a hard time identifying what’s truly blocking you. A friend can do wonders here!

Once you’ve identified your blocks, write them down for future reference. For now, there’s no need to dwell on them.

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Step 2: Set Your Relationship Goals

Now that you have the awareness of your major blocks and beliefs around finding your soulmate, you are prepared to set your love manifestation goals.

With my action-based manifestation method, you’ll work with three different goals:

  1. You need ambitious goals to trigger enough motivation. Embrace the role of a dreamer and let go of doubts about feasibility.

    If you feel that you are holding back, it’s time to address the love blocks you identified in the first step. Look at them and reassure yourself: it’s okay; the rest of the process will take care of this. For now, I’m just a big dreamer, and I’m allowed to create my perfect relationship.
  1. Then, you need to think about how you could get there; these are the milestone goals. Think about the steps between where you are now and enjoying a wonderful relationship with your soulmate.

    It’s not about exactly knowing how you will reach this. These goals serve two essential subconscious triggers:
  • They provide the rewards that keep you motivated.
  • They act as a map for your subconscious mind, showing it the path it needs to guide you along.
  1. You need action steps (start from where you are now, think how you could get nearer to the first milestone).

    For example, consider where you could meet your dream partner and the small steps to getting there.

    These are your daily actions, and it’s okay to start small. Each action will prompt your subconscious mind to develop more belief that you can achieve your goal.

This is where you begin to overcome your love blocks and limiting beliefs, one step at a time.

But don’t underestimate the power of these small steps because the compound effect will kick in, and this becomes an unstoppable force.

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Step 3: Take Inspired Action To Attract Love And Manifest Your Relationship Goals

The final step in the love manifestation process is taking inspired action. And yes, that’s precisely what you activate with the last type of goal.

It all comes down to getting vibrationally aligned with your soulmate. You need to align your subconscious mind with your relationship goal.

And the quickest way to get aligned is by taking action.

Look, no matter how much you believe in your ability to find your dream partner and finally live in the relationship you want, if you don’t take action, not much will happen.

I mentioned above that I disagree with “ask, believe, receive.”

You can’t just ask ‘the universe’ for a fulfilling relationship and then sit around and wait for your perfect partner to knock on your door.

Sure, sometimes this might work… But it means that someone is getting lucky. Luck is nothing you can replicate. It’s nothing you have control over.

So, what would you rather want?

  1. Depend on hope & luck-based manifestation (and just hope that your soulmate will fall from the sky?)
  2. Have a strategy that puts you in control (and literally lets you attract the relationship you desire…)

Manifesting love and better relationships is not just about you wanting companionship or feeling emotionally fulfilled; it’s also about signaling your subconscious that you are ready for it.

And your actions are the way you communicate with your subconscious.

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Create a Love Manifestation Plan, As A Way To Guide Your Subconscious Mind

That’s where my manifestation technique is very different from others. Everyone will tell you that the HOW is not your job when manifesting love.

But actually, the HOW is the strongest message you can send to your subconscious.

Having an action plan on how to attract your ideal partner will not only help you with the third (and most important) manifestation step, taking inspired action, but it will also help you overcome your love and relationship blocks.

A love manifestation action plan will help you to guide your subconscious mind. It’s not about having a step-by-step plan that you follow to the T. It’s about understanding the overall path and then defining the next 2-3 possible steps.

It’s about triggering your subconscious so that it can do its job (leading you to reach your relationship goals.)

Manifestation is, after all, a goal-setting and achieving process, but one that is backed by your subconscious. That’s what the quote “the universe has your back” really means.

It’s all about starting the love manifestation flowing by guiding your subconscious mind in the right direction. The rest will your subconscious do—all by itself.

That’s that force I mentioned before.

The subconscious is a super powerful tool, but it still needs this initial trigger. And this, gorgeous, is YOUR job.

All I can offer you right now is taking you by your hand for that first action step. So, when you are ready, join my free email course here, and get started with action-based manifestation to make your big love and relationship goals become true.

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PS. I hope this post helped you understand why action-based manifestation is the only way to get in control of your manifestations. Is it to attract your soulmate or just to have better relationships?

And if you are serious about attracting the love of your life, don’t wait any longer, get started today.

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