How to Manifest Better Health and Healing With Action-Based Manifestation

After struggling with some chronic health issues, topics related to manifesting better health and healing are close to my heart. That’s why, in this blog post, I want to show you step by step how you can use my action-based manifestation to achieve your health goals.

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Step 1: Identify Your Major Health Blocks & Limiting Beliefs Around Manifesting Healing

Many manifestation coaches follow the traditional steps of ‘The Secret’—ask, believe, receive—beginning with setting goals.

However, in my action-based manifestation method, I take a different approach. We start by identifying and addressing the major health blocks first.

When striving to manifest significant health improvements, it’s crucial to set goals that motivate big actions. However, major blocks could block you before you even start.

Hence, before setting big goals, it’s essential to address potential blocks and limiting beliefs.

But no worry, gorgeous, this is not about achieving perfection or overcoming all your limiting beliefs around your healing journey. This is about becoming aware of what is blocking you.

Setting the right goals and taking action will naturally help you overcome the limiting beliefs you hold around manifesting better health. But this can only happen once you’ve identified them.

Here are a few tips on how you can identify your manifestation blocks through reflection exercises:

First, try meditation. When meditating, you really kill two birds with one stone;

  1. it can help you feel better (a great first step for your healing journey)
  2. it’s amazing to reflect. Of course, after the meditation.

Another great way is to use a journal. Journaling has many health benefits, but it can also help you uncover why you are having problems starting a healthier lifestyle and start your healing journey.

My favorite way to reflect (and also what helped me truly heal and lose a lot of weight) is walking.

When you go for a long walk in nature, you can let go of everything you worry about and reflect without getting too emotional.

And if you do get emotional, that’s okay, too (health can be a difficult topic to reflect on). I have cried my heart out when walking in the forest many times. It’s so freeing.

Once you’ve identified your blocks, write them down for later; don’t think about them. For now, you can just let go.

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Step 2: Set Your Health Goals

Now that you have identified your major limiting beliefs and other blocks around healing, you are ready to set your health manifestation goals.

With my action-based manifestation method, you’ll work with three different types of goals:

As I mentioned above, you need to set big goals to ignite enough motivation. Embrace the role of a person that can reach whatever she wants.

If you feel that you are holding back, it’s time to address the blocks and limiting beliefs you identified in the first step. Acknowledge them and reassure yourself: it’s okay, I have them, but the rest of the process will address this.

For now, I’m just a big dreamer, and I’m allowed to create better health.

Next, you need to contemplate how you could get there; these are the milestone goals. Consider the steps between your current state of health and enjoying optimal well-being.

It’s not about precisely knowing how you will reach this.

But these goals serve two crucial subconscious triggers:

1. They provide the rewards that keep you motivated.

2. They act as a guide for your subconscious mind, showing it the path it needs to lead you along.

You need action steps (begin from your current situation, think about how you could move closer to the first milestone).

For example, consider changes to your lifestyle and small steps that can lead to improved health and healing. These are your daily actions. It’s okay to start small.

Each action will prompt your subconscious mind to develop more belief that you can achieve your health goals. This is where you begin to overcome your blocks and limiting beliefs, one step at a time.

Don’t underestimate the power of these small steps because the compound effect will work in your favor. It’s like an avalanche.

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Step 3: Take Inspired Action To Attract Better Health And Manifest Your Healing Goals

The final step in your healing manifestation journey is taking inspired action.

And yes, that’s what you activate with the last type of goal.

It all comes down to getting vibrationally aligned with healing. You need to align your subconscious mind with your health goals.

And the quickest way to get aligned is by taking action:

Look, no matter how much you believe in your ability to achieve better health, if you don’t take action, not much will happen.

I mentioned above that I disagree with “ask, believe, receive.”

You can’t just ask for improved health and then sit around and wait for it to magically happen.

Sure, sometimes this might work… But it means that someone is getting lucky. Luck is nothing you can replicate. It’s nothing you have control over.

So, what would you rather want?

  1. Rely on hope and luck-based manifestation (and just hope that you wake up one morning feeling much better?)
  2. Have a strategy that puts you in control (and lets you attract the healing you need to improve your health.)

Manifesting better health is not just about wanting physical well-being; it’s also about signaling your subconscious that you are ready for it.

And your actions are the way you communicate with your subconscious.

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Create a Health Manifestation Plan As A Way To Guide Your Subconscious Mind

My manifestation technique is very different from others. Everyone will tell you that the HOW is not your job when manifesting better health.

But actually, the HOW is the strongest message you can send to your subconscious.

Having an action plan on how to achieve your ideal state of health will not only help you with the third (and most important) manifestation step, taking inspired action, but it will also help you overcome your healing blocks.

A manifestation action plan for better health will help you guide your subconscious mind.

It’s not about having a step-by-step plan that you follow to the T. It’s about understanding the overall path and then defining the next 2-3 possible steps.

It’s about triggering your subconscious so that it can do its job (leading you to reach your health and healing goals.)

Manifestation is a goal-setting and achieving process, one that is backed by your subconscious, this is the true meaning of “the universe has your back.”

It’s all about directing your subconscious so that healing can start flowing. The rest will your subconscious do—all by itself.

That’s that avalanche I mentioned before.

The subconscious is so powerful, but it still needs this initial trigger. And this is YOUR job.

All I can offer you right now is taking you by your hand for that first action step.

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