How to Finally Achieve Your Goals

By Mia Fox

Author, Money Mindset & Manifestation Coach

Do you have some huge, frightening and nearly impossible to reach goals ready? If yes, I would assume, that you are more than eager to learn how to achieve them. And if not click here and set big goals!

So, how can you finally achieve your goals? All it takes is creating a strategic execution plan. This sounds more complicated as it really is, so don't worry.

Keep reading to learn how you can achieve every goal you really want, goals bigger than you have achieved ever before. But also why most people out there never accomplish any of their goals, and how you can avoid being one of them.


If you're not new to my blog and my community, you probably know that I like to write about how important the mindset is.

It's like 80% of your success depends on the mindset and only about 20% on the right strategy. When it comes to achieving your goals, I see it a little differently.

Only that the achievement of goals is a continuous process, which begins already before with setting the goals, I believe that it is crucial to set HUGE goals, and this process is almost 100% of your mindset.

But when it comes to achieving your goals, the right strategy plays a big role.

Let me show you two quotes which are accurate and truly inspiring.

Og Mandino:

“I am here for a purpose, and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth I will apply all my efforts to become the highest mountain of all, and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy.”

Pablo Picasso:

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”

Keep them in mind and read them over and over until you truly and wholly understand their meaning!

Picasso says that only proper planning and taking vigorous action leads to success. I want you to understand, that this is entirely accurate.

You have to have a proper plan which lets you believe that you can achieve what you are planning to complete, and you have to take massive action executing that plan!


Let’s look at one of my real life examples.

A few years back, when I was still working in my sales job, I had the goal to earn 100’000.- over the next six months. I knew that my average earning per closed deal was 20’000.-

My strategy was to close five deals within the next six months. I knew that the average time from the first contact to commission paid was 45 days.

And I knew that the time from contract signature until payment of commission was ten days. To reach my goal, the last order had to be placed ten days before the expiration of my six-month deadline.

Strategy part sorted!

I then started to crunch some numbers. I knew that on average I closed one of three deals I was working on. So to close five deals, I had to have 15 valid opportunities.

I knew, that to generate one valid opportunity, I had to talk to five business owners. So to identify 15 valid opportunities, I had to talk to 75 business owners.

I knew, that to get a business owner on the phone who was interested in what I had to say, I needed 12 attempts. So to talk to 75 business owners, I had to do 900 calls.

There was also the time aspect to be considered. The last deal had to be closed ten days before the deadline five months and 20 days from now.

Because I knew, that it would take 45 days from the first contact to the signature, the last signature had to be in, four months and five days from now.

My plan was, therefore, to do 900 calls in the next seventeen weeks.

Now I had my executable plan in place!

Still with me? Good...

These seventeen weeks consisted of 79 working days. (There were some days off because of some bank holidays) So I had to do 900 calls in 79 days or 12 calls per day.

I calculated in some error margin and planned to do fifteen calls a day.

Action steps in place!

All I had to do then, was to take massive action.

But I was so fired up, thanks to my huge goal, that this was actually the easy part. Once I realized, that I could really reach my goal, based on my maths, I was unstoppable.

I reached the 100k after 3.5 months and ended up with 129’000.- after six months!

At first, I just had a goal. A huge goal, a goal so big that I didn't know how to achieve it. But also a goal that gave me enough motivation to take the necessary steps.

The secret lies in the fact, fired by the motivation of the big goal, to create a plan that can be executed in smaller steps.


Not everyone will have such a clear plan in the beginning. For me that was easy, I’m a salesperson I know exactly how to forecast.

But what if you have a goal that is so far away from your current state and you don’t know how to get there?

Like you are driving an old car that could stop working at any moment, and your goal is that shiny new BMW, but your bank account is overdrawn.

The best way to approach this is to start backward:

First, think of what you will need to buy a BMW, I guess it’s money.

Then think of how you can get that amount of money. Let’s just make this easy and say, you need a better-payed job (could also be investing, saving or even winning the lottery).

Now it’s time to think about how you can get a better paid job. You are so much nearer to your current state now, and the steps will become much clearer and feel easier to reach.

Let’s assume you need to learn a specific skill, to become that better-payed job, your next step would be, to find out how to learn that skill.

Breaking it down into small achievable steps will help you to change your mindset. It will give you the feeling that you can do this but also gives you a master plan and see the big picture.


Most people are just not willing to execute!

They might have a plan, but they refuse from getting their a** off that couch and start doing something. That might have several reasons, but the result is always the same. Failure!

Define your goals, come up with a plan and take massive action. That is all it takes.

Of course, you need some self-discipline, but self-discipline is an excellent thing and can easily be learned. Setting the right goals is definitely where you should start, this will give you the right motivation.


Mia Fox
Author, Certified Transformational Trainer, NLP & Mindset Coach

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