10 Rich Habits to Start Today For a More Abundant Life

By Mia Fox

Author, Money Mindset & Manifestation Coach

Earning a lot of money has never been my goal, and yet, naturally, I have always earned more money than the people around me. Today I am convinced that taking on many rich habits, did make me wealthier than others.
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Of course, having the right money mindset and the right money beliefs are very important too. But in the end, it's all about taking the right actions. Here ten rich habits that will make you wealthier:

  1. Get Up Early
  2. Go the Extra Mile
  3. Change Your Money Mindset
  4. Create a Vision Board
  5. Learn, Learn, Learn…
  6. Give Away Money
  7. Spend Time on Your Personal Growth
  8. Start a Side Hustle
  9. Have Fewer Friends (or at Least the Right Ones)
  10. Take Action

So if you want to finally make more money and become a millionaire, it is time to change your habits into money making habits. Keep reading to learn how you can do this.


Well, get up early is probably one of the things you didn't want to hear now... You can always go back and play the lottery. No? Still here? Good choice, girl!

Sure making money in your sleep (or while binge-watching some Netflix on a Sunday Afternoon) should be our ultimate goal when we build up a business or whatever strategy you have to become rich. But you will need to put in some work first.

It's a fact, having a morning routine can make you rich. Do you think it is a coincidence that almost all rich and successful people in the world have a morning routine?

Think again!

Getting up early will help you a lot with productivity, it makes time to set and achieve your goals and gives you time for your personal development.

All of this can lead to you being better in your job or business and earning more money.

Also most online entrepreneur or blogger I spoke to, actually started their business besides their 9-5 job (I did the same) so getting some extra hours in the morning can make a huge difference in how much (or how fast) you will make money with this side hustle.

When I started my own morning routine, many years back, I was exactly in this situation. I had a very demanding 9-5 job but wanted to build up an online business on the side.

Without a morning routine, this would never be possible. But not only did it give me time for my new business, but I was also able to triple my salary in my 9-5, at the same time. Woohoo, crazy, right?

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I believe a lot about going the extra mile. Whatever this was in my corporate jobs or with my own business, going the extra mile always helped me to be more successful and of course, to make more money.

There is that one thing in life that makes good money. That's called sales.

Whatever you are selling your service or products to customers, or yourself to your boss when talking about a salary raise. To make more money, you need to be good at sales.

That's definitely true, but in fact, when you go the extra mile, the sales job usually does it by itself.

So whatever others except you to do, or pay you forALWAYS do a little bit more. You will quickly see how your success will skyrocket (and so will your bank account.)

This is not only my personal secret to success; actually, it's something Napoleon Hill wrote a lot about. In case you don't know Napoleon Hill, you should buy his book Think and Grow Rich.

If there is only one book in the world, you can read, Think and Grow Rich should be the one!

When talking to my coaching clients or the lovely girls in my community I often hear, how much they are afraid to be salesy. 

I understand that.

Nobody wants to look like that annoying salesman trying to talk people into something they don't need.

But the point is, without sales there is no turnover. Without turnover, there is no business.

But if you go the extra mile for your (potential) customers, it takes out all that "bitter aftertaste". You help the people and show them what you can (or have).

Give them a lot of amazing stuff for free, and in return, they will buy from you without you having to come to salesy.

Btw. this does not only apply if you have your own business or work in Sales. Think about "selling yourself" in a job interview or meeting with your boss about this salary raise, you so deserve!


That should really be a no-brainer. You will never get truly wealthy with a bad money mindset.

Your belief system and your subconscious mind is really powerful, and can sabotage you, so better watch out.

I don't want to go into too much detail on how to change your money mindset, because I wrote this blog post on 10 Bulletproof Ways to Transform Your Money Mindset.

You should definitely read this blog post to see if your money mindset prevents you from getting rich.


I really love telling the story of how my Vision Board helped me to make much more money.

My first Vision Board I created years back when I was in a tough time. I had to make a difficult decision of giving up everything I had and move back to Switzerland (I was living in England at that time.)

I was self-employed for many years and knew, going back to Switzerland, would also mean giving up my business and get myself a 9-5 job.

The problem was, I dropped out high-school, and while it's probably difficult to find a job in a situation like this in most parts of the world, it is especially true for Switzerland.

But long story short, I added a salary to my vision board, that was for me (at the time) very hard to believe.

But still, I managed to change my mindset and worked on my money beliefs.

And guess what, thanks to adding a higher amount, to every new vision board I created, I tripled that salary in a very short time.

So does that mean that you can print out a picture of 1 million dollars and glue this on a canvas and next week you wake up rich?

It's not quite that easy, but learn here How to Make a Vision Board That Really Works and you can reach all your dreams you have, very soon!


Knowledge is money. And I'm not talking about going to university.

I never went to university myself, and I'm sure I'm not the only high-school drop out with a success story.

Building knowledge mostly happens outside of school.

But having knowledge can definitely make you rich. It helps you to get better-paid jobs and of course, it is a goldmine when you start your own business.

When I was 16, I taught myself coding HTML. That was the time internet just started to become available to the public.

And all I wanted was having my own webpage. That was of course long before everyone could just start a webpage or blog with tools like Wordpress.

I spent every night after school, looking at other websites code and trying to figure out how I can design my own page.

The page looked horrible, and my parents got a shock when they received the phone bill, but the knowledge I gained was priceless.

This helped me to build every business I had so far and scored me many, excellent paid jobs.

Mostly for the knowledge but some of them also because of the good story, I could tell during my job interviews. Teaching yourself a skill like this will definitely impress your next boss (or client).


Ok, this might sound contra-productive. How should you get more money by giving away money?

Let me tell you about a little hobby, my husband Tom and I have.

We love to leave change for others to find. And we love to watch them finding it, and of course, see their reactions.

Strange way to spend your free time with? I know, but you should actually try it, it's a lot of fun.

We sometimes leave some money outside a pub, get us a nice window seat, order a bottle of Champagne and then wait. Wait until one lucky person finds the money.

We make up stories about these people and why they are very happy that they found this money.

It makes us happy. And that's the point, giving away is very powerful. You send out a lot of good signals to the universe (and your subconscious mind), signals of abundance, generosity, and gratitude.

And you know how the Law of Attraction works? What you send out, you attract.

So think about how you can give back (it does not always need to be money) or just leave some change somewhere, for someone else to find.

“Did you know that I give 10% of any income from this blog to charity? I believe that this is not only a great way to do something for the community and give back, it also helps to attract more clients and revenue. 


Making more money has a lot to do with having the right mindset and how good you are in setting the right goals and also achieving them.

But since you found my blog, I guess you are already investing a good amount of time in your personal development.

Great move, Girl! The next step would be to read my manifesting playbook!


No matter if you are stuck in a 9-5 job or already have your own business, you can always start a side hustle.

The ideas for a profitable side hustle are endless. Maybe there is something you are really good at, or a hobby you have, so why not create an online course about this topic?

There are so many platforms out there you could try, such as Udemy or Skillshare where you can create and host your course and make some extra cash on the side.

But I suggest you create and host your online course on a platform such as teachable.

I Love teachable, and I host all my courses on this platform. It is super easy to use and has a great design and user experiences (that's what I think is most important!)

And the great thing is, they offer free training. So if you are ready to take action and learn more, you can join the weekly live training here.

But just creating and hosting the course won't do much. You will need a sales funnel, email marketing, the right traffic etc.

It's not only that I have built several successful online businesses, such as this here, but I also worked in sales & marketing for a very long time. So I'm pretty passionate about online marketing and all things blogging.


You have probably heard the sayings:

When you want to be rich, you should surround yourself with millionaires


When you want success, you should surround yourself with successful people

Both are so true!

If I learned one thing over the years, it is very important to (carefully) select the people you want to hang out with.

For example, I had this "friend" that blamed me for not going out for drinks and only concentrate on my business.

Well, guess what happened to our friendship?

The problem is, as soon as you start to realize, that you want more out of life and you begin to take action, very soon, you will be alone.

Well, not entirely alone, but you will see a lot of "old friend" disappearing.

Most of your old friends will not be too happy with your plans to leave them behind. They are afraid that you will develop and change. And you will!

Most of your “friends” will do everything they can, to keep you where you are now. Amongst them.

They will try to convince you, that hanging out at your local pub is the better thing to do, than to work on your future. Having a few drinks and forgetting their miserable situation for a few hours is their way to handle life.

There is nothing to say against. I have been this way too. It's probably just human behavior.

And of course, your friends start to feel uncomfortable, as soon as you are replacing your “pub sessions” with reading, learning and taking actions.

But never let other people decide how your life has to be. It is YOUR LIFE!


I always believed in building an authentic business (I think this is key for success) and that's why I will always tell you the truth here on my blog. No BS!

The truth may sometimes be hard and not what you want to hear, sorry my dear, but everything else will only keep you away from your success.

Trust me!

I know there are many people out there who want you to make believe that overnight success exists and all you have to do is just getting the right mindset.

Sure, as I mentioned in point number 3, having the right Money Mindset is key, but more important is, that you take action.

Sure, these are only a few wealthy tips, and there is much more on how to be rich in life.

But start just to implement a few of the ten habits that make you rich into your everyday life, and you will be surprised at how much more money you will make!

p.s. Do you want more valuable content that helps you to change your (money) mindset and attract endless abundance into your life? Check out my books & workbooks here!


Mia Fox
Author, Certified Transformational Trainer, NLP & Mindset Coach

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